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March 28, 2023

Friday's Game Release Written by Beleen

I wrote the April Fools Day event, and that’s no joke! 

Howdy frens! April Fools Day is only a few days away, and, unless the AQW team has been sneaking spoilers on Twitter, this year’s event is going to make even the neigh-sayers laugh! This is the 3rd release written by yours truly and incorporates 3 of my most favorite things in the world. Sure, there’s going to be a little bit of pink involved – that’s obvious – however, that’s not the mane point of the event; you’ll soon find out everything straight from the horse’s mouth, I promise you. But you won’t have to wait furlong since the April Fools event is launching this Friday, March 31st!

It's not what you think. Promise!

Fun Fact!

Did you know April Fools Day originated in France in like the 16th century? Back then, the New Year was celebrated at the end of March, so when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the New Year was moved to January 1st. Yet some people still celebrated the New Year in late March, and this was seen as foolish by the new new-year adopters. Thus, the tradition of playing pranks and jokes on April 1st was born, and AQWorlds has been celebrating April Fools Day every year since 2009 🤗 

DID YA KNOW our 1st April 1st event was when Zorbak redrew Battleon with the Mystic Pencil of Endless Scribbles? It seemed sorta sketchy at first, but then again, that was the (pencil) point… *audible groans* Tehehe! That was one of my favorite and most memorable releases ever, so I sincerely hope my new April Fools event stirrups as much fun as Zorbak did 14 years ago! 

Needless to say, I canter wait <3 

~ Beleen  

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