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December 28, 2022

A Mid-Week Miscellany

A small mid-week update just rolled live!

The end of the year is here, and that means we're tying up a few loose ends, preparing for the start of the New Year AND getting ready for the Thursday and Friday releases this week! While we do, we rolled out a few updates that we needed to put live before 2022 ended. 

If you log in tonight, you'll see...

1) The Elvira NPC has been removed from the 20th Anniversary event. As much as we loved having this iconic Movie Horror Show host in-game, our agreement with her team is up in a few days.* Because we didn't want to pull the entire area, bosses, and rewards, we've replaced her with the Safiria NPC. 

Please note: Safiria's appearance in this event is 100% non-canon. Hosting a movie marathon and rocking WICKED makeup might not be something Safiria the Vampire Queen would do, but it IS something the team member behind the Safiria NPC totally would.

2) Lady Nialla's Hair Shop is open! (It only took her, what, 8 or 10 years to perfect her skills?!) You can check out all of her new styles when you /join Castle.

3) The 2023 Calendar character page badges are now live! The Battleon Enamel Pin + 20th Anniversary Bundle badges display, but the code redemption appears to be bugged, but Captain Rhubarb will fix those in the morning. 

4) The Event Calendar has a typo in the date. Our New Year's Eve maps + new reward gear return tomorrow night, Thursday December 29th (there is no Thursday, December 28th, as listed).

5) Saturday's daily gift was listed incorrectly in the calendar. The correct gift is the Dawn Bow, dropping from the 2023 Ball in /newyear.

Return tomorrow for as we bring back all our seasonal New Year's Eve maps and gear, plus new rewards!

(That's the same reason we could not include any items based on her NPC art -- contractual agreements)

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