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October 27, 2023

Uncover the Secrets of the Cursed Castle

Our Ghoulish New Game Update is (Un)Live!

Log in now to get your Mogloween /party on! Join the Cauldron Sisters in Castle Alnswick, where a HUGE Gala is waiting for you to begin. Bubble's Gala Guide: 1) Do not accept candied dragon eggs from anyone. 2) Everyone loves baby dragons. 3) Peaceful ghosts are happy ghosts. *gulp* Uncover the secret of what holds these violent ghosts to the castle, and help them all to rest in peace. 

New game release

  • Mogloween 2023 holiday event
  • Wicked rare sets in the Featured Gear Shop
  • New gear in the seasonal Event Hub Shop
  • New reward sets for Friday the 13th 
  • Character Page Badge Showcase Feature (Account manager)
  • Radiant Goddess of War + ArchFiend Doomlord character page badges

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double EXP, Class Points, Rep, and Gold
  • Resource Boost: Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Saturday: Witchy Pets from the DoomKitten in /doomkitten
  • Sunday: Midnight Zilla Witch set from the Nobleghost in /cursedcastle

If you haven't joined us for this event before, Mogloween is the Fall holiday event where you trick or BEAT your way through the spookiest, creepiest releases we've put out over the last fifteen years

This Weekend's New Gear

This weekend, we've got a sweet-but-spooky trove of seasonal reward gear for you. Complete this week's new event in the /cursedcastle map, inspired by HP Lovecraft's "The Rats in the Walls" to begin collecting all our new rewards.

Cursed Castle Merge Shop

Collect Candy Dragon Eggs to create:

  • Vampiric Gentlefolk Armor + accessories
  • Soul-Starved Jiangshi Armor + accessories

Noble Ghost Drops

  • Jiangshi Armor + accessories
  • Midnight Zilla Witch Armor + accessories (available starting this Sunday!)

Bone Dragonling Drops

  • Bone Dragonling pet (member-only)

Noble Gargoyle

  • select Jiangshi weapons
  • Dark Vampiric Cloak
  • Malevolent Paifang Ground rune (1% drop rate)


  • Spectral ??? Spear
  • Aristo Hat (male + female)


  • Dreaded Dzeza Magus Armor + accessories
  • Ravenous Monstrosity weapons

15th Birthday Founder Pets

Our Founders were the original supporters of AdventureQuest Worlds. Every year, we give them another exclusive pet to thank them for that early vote of confidence. The 2023 Founder Platinum Dracolich + Armored Dracolich pets arrive this Friday

Your Luck is in! MORE Friday the 13th Gear

Earlier this month, we Aurelio Voltaire arrived in Yulgar's Inn to herald another Friday the 13th event. Shortly We had reached out to him to get permission to release even more of his classic NPC armors to celebrate this milestone event; although he is incredibly busy with his projects, we got the greenlight shortly before the event (and still grateful for his continued attendance after fifteen years of guest hosting!). 

During the two-week event that followed, our reward gear was themed after Doom + our birthday. But with his permission obtained, Alvaro (one of our contract artists), was able to get to work porting the gear over for you... and here it is!

  • Battle the Storage Box in /fivesaloon to collect the Dark Cabaret Musician + 10 helms
  • Battle Shub-hathrys in /crownsreachfxiii to collect the Dark Dapper Musician + 2 helms

Each armor is available in a map where his NPC wore the outfit. These items are permanently available for members, and available for ALL heroes to collect when the maps are open during Friday the 13th events.

Immortal Joe's Fiendish Patch Notes

What started as "adding an ArchFiend DoomLord Badge Quest to Oblivion" evolved into a reworking of certain /tercessuinotlim NPCs of importance. To sum up the changes, Nulgath and Oblivion's menus have been condensed and should be a lot easier to navigate now, but a few of the more notable changes have been listed below.

Nulgath NPC Update

  • Resource farming quests and equipment quests have been separated into their own sections.
  • The "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance" and "Nulgath (Larvae)" quests can now be accessed from Nulgath directly.

Oblivion NPC Update

  • Added a quest for an ArchFiend DoomLord Character Page Badge
  • Moved Oblivion deeper into the map (the intent of this change is to reduce confusion for players who enter /tercessuinotlim for the first time as Oblivion may be viewed as the primary NPC, but as we continue to explore options for /tercessuinotlim in the future, this change may be reverted).


  • Adjusted the positioning of certain mobs.
  • Replaced the offscreen Dark Makai in Nulgath's room with a second Shadow of Nulgath.

*The Enchanted Nulgath Nation House's Nulgath NPC will be updated at a later date.

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