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September 22, 2023

This Weekend: Pirates vs Tyranny

Our Talk Like a Pirate Day Event Contin-YARRRRS!

Callin' all pirates, rogues, and water-mages hungry for adventure... and treasure! Log in now to blast and slash yer way through Part II of our 2023 Talk Like a Pirate Day event. You'll need to evade a fleet led by the Radiant Mirage, the legendary Admiral Zheng. He'll stop at NOTHING to capture Yokai's Empress... but he's never faced YOU before. The outcome will shake the very foundation of the Yokai Isles and intertwine its destiny to the Empire of Steel, Wuji.

New game release

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day 2023: Legends of Yokai, Pt 2
  • Quibble's TLaPD 2023 Collection Chest + Rare Gear Shop (update)
  • New quest + rewards in Deep Trobble Inn
  • Featured Gear Shop: Aelious' Eternal Flame + Sparkles of Love cape 

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double Reputation
  • Crafting Resource Boost: Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Saturday: Necro Pirate Loot drops from Admiral Zheng in /yokaitreasure
  • Sunday: Infernal Devourer Scythe drops from the Dark Devourax in /infernalarena

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

New Reward Gear

This weekend, we've got host of new reward items for you to collect and create. Head to /yokaitreasure for  monster drops, the Yokai Treasure Merge Shop, plus new gear added in /doompirate and /yokaipirate. Read on to see what you can unlock, and how, then head in-game and get your battle on!

New /YokaiTreasure Monster Drops: 

  • 9 pirate crew weapons
  • J6 + Westion Commander's Backup Shotguns
  • 4 Dai Tengu set items
  • 4 Stygian Navigator + 4 Stealthy Sea helms
  • 2 Ninja Pirate capes + 4 weapons
  • Maurader's Monkey Helm + cape
  • House items: Wuji Zodiac Wheel, Golden Long Head & Statue 

Yokai Treasure Merge shop

  • Tengu Admiral + Dai Tengu Admiral armors
  • 2 Tengu Helms + Tengu Typhoon Blades
  • 4 DragonSlayer Commander's weapons 
  • Shinobi Pirate Master armor, 6 helms, 2 daggers

Bonus Pirate Drops:

  • Lovely Roger Flag cape drops off Disguised Pirates in /yokaipirate
  • Doom Captain Capuchin pet drops off Gallaeon in /doompirate

Deep Trobble Inn: New Quest + Item Buff

Make your way to the Deep Trobble Inn in the /pirates map and you'll see a dark Treasure Chest atop the barrels. Ask, and Lucia will tell you that this chest washed up on shore last Summer. It passed from sailor to dock-worker, from merchant to mage... until it was given to her in payment. If you're up for the challenge, accept the quest to open it and you'll unlock a bounty of new rewards!

Each time you complete the chest you'll get one of the Astravian Corsair set items plus a have a chance to get one of the other chest's treasures!

16 Deep Trobble Inn Treasure rewards:

  • Astravian Corsair armor
  • 3 Astravian Corsair helms + 2 capes
  • Marauder's Monkey Mace
  • Lit Cannonball Stack house item
  • Gunpowder Beach ground rune
  • Pearl Dust Arm Shuriken gauntlet
  • Grim First Mort on Yer Back + Skull 'n Flag capes
  • Beleen's Balloon Cutelass (single + dual-wield)
  • Captain ChinchillARRRR cape and pet

Mid-Week Reward Updates

Based on your feedback, we have some some SEA-riously nice updates to the Higure weapon:

  • Now does 40% more damage to monsters
  • Damage range changed to static
  • Added a 30% Class, Rep, and EXP boost

New "Empowered Higure" weapon: this new weapon has been permanently added* to the /ultrdarkon merge shop. It does 51% more damage to monsters and can be purchased for x1 Higure, x20 Darkon Insignia, and x20 King Drago Insignia.

Plus: Lucia's Quest for the Bonebreaker  is no longer a daily quest. 

* Higure will remain a seasonal weapon, but Empowered Higure can be merged all year round.

Gear Leaving Soon

All our holiday loot 'n booty has to leave sometime! Make sure YOU don't miss out! If you haven't checked out our other seasonal Talk Like a Pirate Day events yet, /join septhub (our September event hub town) to find all our seasonal Talk Like a Pirate Day maps, birthday NPCs, and battle for loot, booty, and adventy-ARRRRR!

  • Tlapd
  • Pirates
  • Piratewar
  • Hiddendepths
  • Blazebeard
  • Manacannon
  • Kaijuwar 
  • Heartofthesea
  • cetoleonwar

Leaving Friday, September 29th:

  • August and September hub towns
  • Indonesia Independence events

Leaving Friday, October 6th:

  • Seasonal Talk Like a Pirate Day events
  • Quibble's 2023 Grim Seas Rares & Collection Chest

/Cheers for Two AQWorlds team members

We're very happily celebrating two real-life level-ups this week. Wish them much joy on Twitter!

Teka's seasonal birthday items drop from the Zard in Battleontown.

Find Aelious' rare Purple Eternal Flame cape (member-only gold) and Purple Sparkles of Love (gold) in your Featured Gear Shop until October 27th.

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