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October 20, 2023

Shadows Rising: Champion of DOOM

Our 15th Birthday x Main Story Update Continues

DOOM is all around! It's in the air, comes out of the ground! But you've always had all the answers. Destroy the undead, and kill the necromancers.

  • Shadows of Doom Saga, Part 2
  • Quibble's 15th Birthday Shop + Collection Chest (update)

Events + Gear Leaving

  • Nothing leaves this weekend!

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double Reputation
  • Resource Boost: Celestial Dungeon + Void Auras
  • Saturday: ZombieSlayer Helms
  • Sunday: Sword of Misfortune (single + dual-wield)

2023 Achievement Tracker Update

Every time you log into AQWorlds, you've got some goal: meeting up with friends, ranking your newest class, or farming for the Blinding Light of Destiny. The sense of satisfaction when you accomplish that goal is one of the best things about playing AQW! But we want to give you even MORE rewards for playing... and that's where the Achievement Tracker comes in. 

Every achievement pack is a full item set; when you log in with this gear equipped, you'll have an immediate WOW factor. For now, read on to get a small teaser.

Achievement Tracker Rewards for 2023

  • 1,250,000 AdventureCoins: exclusive armor set + ???
  • 15 Years Played: exclusive armor set + ???
  • 14 Years Membership: exclusive armor set + ???

This is the FINAL TIER of the Achievement Tracker; once you've reached any (or all) of these tiers, you've done it. You've WON the tracker!

In addition to badges that will be displayed on your character page, each achievement will come with an exclusive armor set. And because these are the ultimate achievement tracker the rewards for each of the achievements will be incredibly shiny (literally and figuratively). Many of you will have been waiting for quite a while for what's coming up.

So whether you've been with us for years, or this is the first time you're seeing the Achievement Tracker update, you're in for a treat... NEXT MONTH! The new achievement rewards for 2023 will arrive next month. 

And to continue the Good News Train...

Your 15th Birthday Free AC Gift is HERE!

Happy birthday, AdventureQuest Worlds heroes! Log in now and talk to Cysero in the /eventhub map. Complete his quest to get 500 free AdventureCoins

Read on to make sure you meet all the requirements, then log in to grab your gift! If you're eligible, you'll see the free ACs added right to your account.

How to get your free ACs

Your account must...

  • Be level 20 or higher
  • Have a confirmed email address* (Need help with this? See the guide here.)

The quest will be available until January 1st, 2024.

* Having a confirmed email address helps if you ever need to contact Player Support. It confirms you're the account creator, which lets them assist you more quickly. 

15th Birthday Founder Pets

Our Founders were the original supporters of AdventureQuest Worlds. Every year, we give them another exclusive pet to thank them for that early vote of confidence. The 2023 Founder Platinum Dracolich + Armored Dracolich pets arrive this Friday

Design Notes Posts in Progress

Tonight's release has been another late one! I really appreciate your patience as we get into our new groove. We've got a number of team members splitting time between AQWorlds: Flash and Infinity, and Yoshino and I are getting accustomed to the new Friday release flow. Add in MORE computer issues from various team members, illness, and general "extended Friday the 13th shenanigans" and, well... the team and I really do thank you for battling through the extended wait period as we push to get tonight' release out.

We don't intend for these late releases to become a habit... our goal is to be live before 8 PM EST whenever possible, and that's what we'll continue to shoot for. Barring chaos, calamity, and computer explosions.

While you dive into tonight's new update, I will keep working on the following Design Notes posts:

  • Champion of Doom story + rewards
  • Quibble's 15th Birthday Rares + Collection 
  • Free + Farmable Class armors
  • Achievement Tracker Teaser
  • 500 Free AdventureCoins Birthday Gift

Patch Notes

Quest and Item Changes

  • We are returning to all Battlepets in collection chests being 0 AC, non-member. Any battlepets in previous collection chests have been changed.
  • ShadowBattleon Reward updates
  • /DarkWar Quest updates

Congratulations! Thanks to your tireless effort and steadfast determination, last week's event was finished much faster than anticipated! Historically, in-game war events are designed to be a great place to farm and level up, so the rewards are intentionally higher than normal events while it is active. As the event has ended, the reward amounts have been changed to their new values.

The drop rate of "A Whisper" has been halved on all mobs.

Shadow Hunt Medal

  • EXP: 6,000 > 4,000
  • Gold: 2,000 > 1,000

Mega Shadow Hunt Medal

  • EXP: 12,000 > 8,000
  • Gold: 3,000 > 1,500

Early Autopsy

  • EXP: 4,500 > 3,000
  • Gold: 3,000 > 1,000

Given Life and Purpose

  • EXP: 4,500 > 3,000
  • Gold: 3,000 > 1,000

Adult Hatchling

  • EXP: 4,500 > 3,000
  • Gold: 3,000 > 1,000

Solidified Light

  • EXP: 9,000 > 6,000
  • Gold: 4,500 > 1,500

/Darkwar Quest Reward Updates

The amount of Gold and EXP awarded from the /darkwar quests was found to be higher than the amounts awarded from maps of greater difficulty. Therefore, we have made changes to the /darkwar quest reward amounts so they are better aligned with the difficulty of the monsters in the map.

Skews Quests

  • Legion Badges Gold: 2,000 > 1,000
  • Mega Legion Badges Gold: 3,000 > 1,500
  • Doomed Legion Warrior EXP: 4,000 > 2,000Gold: 3,000 > 1,000
  • Undead Legion Dread EXP: 4,000 > 2,000Gold: 3,000 > 1,000

Commander Rand's Quests:

  • Nation Badges Gold: 2,000 > 1,000
  • Mega Nation Badges Gold: 3,000 > 1,500
  • A Nation Defeated EXP: 4,000 > 2,000Gold: 3,000 > 1,000

Log in now at

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