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April 01, 2024

Game News: April 1 - 7

Read on for the latest news and information

Spring into battle this week as we begin our flood of April events! Find new rewards, rares, and a hefty update to the Class Hall. Get the latest details on this week's news, Treasure Hunt, Boosts, find out more about this weekend's new game release. 

Monday, April 1: Just Another Monday

Nothing to see here, move along.

Tuesday, April 2: Totally Sketchy Print

Defeat the Frogzard in Battleontown to get the first clue on a hunt that will send you around the world. Decode ciphers, battle monsters, and level up your real-life INT to earn a Certificate of Smarts... and the 0 AC rare Totally Sketchy Print wall item.


  • 5 Star Adventure
  • Available until May 3rd

Rewards include:

  • Totally Sketchy Print

Thursday, April 4: Unidentified 34 & 35 Boost

Get double rewards as you quest to collect resources to create the ArchFiend DoomLord set until April 10th.

Unidentifed 34:

  • Willpower Extraction
  • Enough Doom for an ArchFiend

Get x2, x4, x6 or x8 items while the boost is on.
(Normal: x1, x2, x3, or x4)

Unidentifed 35:

  • Nulgath Demands Work
  • Enough Doom for an ArchFiend

Drop quantity + rate: x2, 30%
(Normal: x1, 15%)

Log in each day for a new reward, bonus, or resource boost at

Friday, April: Update Details

Get a first look at what's coming in this weekend's upcoming game release!

  • Holiday Events return: Grenwog, Earth Day, and Solar New Year
  • Class Hall Update: 18.5 new trainers + the Draconic Cuirass set
  • April Seasonal Set: Bio-War Cultist returns
  • New Battles: Dragrenwog Fusion Boss + Rewards
  • New Bonus Pack: color-customizable Surge Disruptor upgrade bonus sets

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

Events & Shops

  • April 5: Dage's Birthday + Lucky Day events, Dark Treasure Hunt rewards
  • April 9: Dark AdventureCoin Bonus ends
  • April 12: Dage's 2024 Birthday Rares

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Class Points
  • Resource Boost: Unidentified 34 & 35
  • Saturday: seasonal Mecha Grenwog Egg Pet + House Item from Eggzilla in the Eventhub
  • Sunday: seasonal Illness' Birthday Bears from the Grizzly Bear in the Citadel
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