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May 17, 2024

This Weekend: Storm Clouds are Gathering...

Main Story Update: Cold Thunder Saga, Chapter 1

Balemorale Castle glows brightly in the Spring sunshine. But all that glitters is not gold, and appearances are deceptive; dark secrets lurk in its shadows, and envy is hidden in its visitors' hearts. This weekend, your Hero and Tara confront Queen Victoria about the horrors of Seabase Undine as the storm clouds of war and betrayal roll in...

New Game Update

  • Main Story: Cold Thunder Saga, Part 1 continues in /balmorale
  • New rewards: Skye Emissary shop
  • Zodiac Heroes: Leonine Regalia quest rewards
  • Featured Gear sets: color-custom Enchanted Harmonic Savant, Electrowave + Shockwave sets

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Reputation
  • Resource Boost: double Essences and Totems of Nulgath
  • Saturday: rare Seraphic Fourth Blades from Twiggu's Bodyguard in /twigguhunt
  • Sunday: seasonal Seraphic Fourth Blasters on the Infantry Droid in /twigguhunt

Electrifying New Reward Items

Talk to Lieber, the Emissary of Skye, to find new faction gear in his merge shop! Plus, head to Arcangrove for the latest in our Zodiac Hero series. 

Skye Emissary's Merge Shop

  • Electrowave + Shockwave Scholar armors
  • Electrowave Scholar Morph
  • Scholar's AC Gauntlet
  • Royal Electrowave + Shockwave Scholar armors
  • Royal Electrowave Scholar Morph
  • Scholar's DC Gauntlet
  • Shockwave Paralyzer Bow
  • Halcyon Skye Longsword blades
  • Halcyon Skye Hand Axes

Monster Drops: Steel Skye Blades drop from the Skye Warrior

Zodiac Heroes Quest Rewards 

Talk to Kylokos in Arcangrove to find a latest in our Zodiac Heroes set series. Each of the sets is now permanently available (instead of seasonal). All future farmable Zodiac sets will be, too, so you can collect them all at any time!

  • Leo quest: Leonine Regalia set (New!)
  • Pisces quest: Golden Pisces Maestro set
  • Aries quest: Mystic Aries Castigator set
  • Cancer quest: Karkinos Champion set

Zodiac Heroes AC Shop

Kylokos has a new shop with some bonus items for select Zodiac sets! Check out her AC shop to find the following permanent itms:

  • Harmonic Libra Diadem Visage helm
  • Leonine Royal Flame + Fiery Crown helms
  • Beguiling Virgo Wings
  • Leonine + Platinum Burning Crown capes
  • Harmonic Libra's Companion Tome
  • Ground Runes: Harmonic Libra Rune, Virgo Changeling's Rune, Smoldering Lion's Sigil

Later this month, return to Arcangrove to find the...

  • Libra set on May 24th
  • Virgo set on May 31st

Now Available in the Featured Gear Shop!

We've got a host of new color-customizable items for you this weekend! Find the rare Enchanted Harmonic Savant set in your Featured Gear shop in the game menu, along with the permanently available Enchanted Electrowave, Electrojolt, and Shockwave sets. This week's rare items will be available until June 14th.

Leaving Monday, May 20th...

Find the rare color-customizable Enchanted Bujinn DoomKnight and Usagi Oni sets available for AdventureCoins in the Featured Gear Shop until May 20th. (The seasonal Inaba Oni set will return next February.) 

Rare Usagi Oni Gear

  • Usagi Oni + Festive Usagi Oni armors
  • Hair + Ponytail, Morph helms, Masked + Ornamental Mask Morph helms
  • Usagi Oni Obi cape
  • Usagi Oni pet
  • Moon Crusher Kanabo (single + dual-wield)
  • Usagi Oni Gourd (non-AC, single + dual-wield)

Seasonal Inaba Oni Gear

  • Inaba Oni armor
  • Hair + Ponytail, Morph helms, Masked + Ornamental Mask Morph helms
  • Inaba Oni Obi cape
  • Sheathed Kimon Benevolence Nagamaki cape
  • Inaba Oni Gourd (non-AC, single + dual-wield)
  • Kimon Benevolence Nagamaki (single + dual-wield)
  • Sacred Inaba Hare pet

Rare color-customizable Enchanted Bujinn DoomKnight set:

  • Enchanted Twisted Youxia Shadow
  • Enchanted Bujin DoomKnight armor
  • Hairbun + Locks, Morph Helms, 
  • Bujinn Empress' Helmets + Oni Mask
  • Enchanted Doomed Artillery Array
  • Enchanted Yinglian Tyrant's Sashimono
  • Enchanted Necrotic Dao of Doom (single + dual-wield)
  • Enchanted Dracolich Guandao of Death (single + dual-wield)
  • Enchanted Tyrannic Matchlock of Doom (single + dual-wield)

Age of Ruin Saga: the Story So Far...

After the threat Malgor and his ShadowFlame army posed had been put to rest, you were left to address the scars he inflicted... and process the knowledge you gained. The Gods and Greater Beings of the Old Worlds Order have been revealed, and now you must complete the task they've set: to neutralize three dire threats before they awaken. 

Age of Ruin Saga: Voice in the Sea Chapter 1 of the  begins in the /TerminaTemple map. If you have not completed it, journey there now! You'll need to finish the entire saga before you can begin next week's adventure.

Events + Gear Leaving Soon

Last call for wicked rares and holiday gear!

May 20

May 31

June 7

  • Seasonal May the Fourth Event Hub + Holiday drops
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