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October 20, 2023

15th Birthday Collection Update

Unlock 145+ items in our 20th Anniversary Collection

It's AQWorlds 15th birthday AND Friday the 13th! We're celebrating with an all-new, holiday event rare collection chest! Find the event shop full of 15th Birthday rare items in Battleon. And if you're a collector or rare hunter, pick up the Doom & Glory Collection Chest to get ALL of the event rares and a character page badge for 10,000 AdventureCoins (over 40,000 ACs worth of gear)

The 15th Birthday Collection Chest unlocks over 140 items total. Quibble's Shop and Chest will contain:

Check out Quibble's Birthday Rares Shop to find:

  • Exclusive 15th Birthday Collection Chest pet to unlock the full collection shop
  • Loyal Guardian Wyvern Cape (with quest for exclusive character page badge)*
  • Spiritual Chiromancer armor, helms, capes 
  • Spiritual Chiromancer Cat Ears and Tail
  • Spirit Gourd Prison cape
  • Blood Red Fire Flies
  • Grounds of Mayhem
  • Spiritual Cleaver, Staff, and Axe weapons
  • Herald of the Eclipse Bow + Staff
  • Serene Moon Bow + Staff
  • Harbinger of Destruction Spear, Blade, and Sword (single + dual-wield)
  • Rapier and Daggers of Maddened Will
  • Red Nocturne Staff
  • Gold Coronation Dragonlord armor, helms, capes
  • Ceremonial Dragon Blade, Bow, and Hallowed Dragon Gauntlet
  • General Neesha armor, helms, wings, and tails
  • General Neesha's Molten Whip, Claws, and Enchanted Claws
  • Teeny Neesha Pet 
  • Angellic Neesha armor, helms, wings, and tails
  • Angelic Neesha's Blessed Wings
  • Teeny Angel Neesha Pet**
  • Angelic Neesha's Dagger, Whip, Spear, Claws, and Enchanted Claws
  • Doomed Vessel Sword Pet and Bank Pet
  • Quindecennial Knight armor, helms, and cape
  • Sol Dominus Seeker armor, helms, and capes
  • Great Sun Serpent capes
  • Solstice Pulse Blade, Sword, Staff, Pistols
  • Lunam Domini Seeker armor, helms, capes
  • Great Moon Serpent capes
  • Moon Phaser Sword + Silver Crescent Staff
  • and more

New this week!

  • Celestial Safiria the Vampire Queen set
  • Celestial Rolith the Knight Captain set
  • Helion Zard Rider + Knight set
  • Corrupted DoomBlade Pet + BattlePet
  • Party On! Chibi Cysero (click on the pet to see everyone in your room /dance)

* A version of the Loyal Guardian Wyvern Cape is available in Quibble's shop, but without the quest for the collection chest badge.

** This pet is using old animations. It will change to match the movement of the Teeny Neesha pet.

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pets, all of the gear contained inside the 15th Birthday Collection Chest shop will also be available to buy individually in Quibble's Event shop.

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