Design Notes

June 14, 2024

Anime x Memes = Absolute Parody

Featured Rare Gear Available through August 30th

It's gonna be MEMES! You asked for memes and anime, and our artists have delivered. Find new anime, moglin, and meme-themed parody items in the Featured Gear Shop now, and return as even more arrive this weekend and next as daily login gift drops! 

New rares this weekend:

  • Enchanted Lovely Rocker armor (color-customizable)
  • Lovely Rocker's Back-up Bass, Guitar, and Keytar
  • Fellow Player and Fellow Gamer armors
  • Fellow Player Cap helm and Back-up Board cape 
  • Fellow Player Skateboard
  • Bro Morph helm
  • Portable Twilly Spin Cycle cape
  • Moglin Gawkers, Sus Moglin pets, Spin Cycle
  • Moglin Home Entertainment floor item
  • Amazed Twilly + Twigstagramer house guests

Click to Change Expression Helms

  • Excited Rocker's Expressions helm
  • Elated Rocker's Expressions helm
  • Aspirational Rocker's Expressions helm
  • Zealous Rocker's Expressions
  • Lovely Rocker's Expressions

Twilly Supports You! Quest Pet

Find this iconic, rare meme x moglin pet in the Featured Gear Shop for 1,000 ACs. Click it to unlock a quest to get the house item variant and the Extremely Enthusiastic Hero morph helm.

Akiba Cosplay Shop: 

The following items will be permanently available from the Cosplay Shop in /akiba.

  • Lovely Rocker Hair
  • Lovely Rocker Short Locks
  • Lovely Rocker Ponytail
  • Lovely Rocker Locks
  • Lovely Rocker Bob Cut
  • Lovely Rocker Shades
  • Lovely Rocker's Drumsticks
  • Lovely Rocker's Drum Set
  • Lovely Rocker's Guitar
  • Lovely Rocker's Keytar

The first shop Anime x Meme shop update included:

  • Tuba Lord Bard armor
  • Top Brass Helm
  • Big Brass Blast cape
  • Tuban Cannon Gun
  • Abolute Evil armor
  • Abolute Evil Aura
  • Abolute Evil Vibe rune
  • Disintegrating Twilly, Twig, and Zorbak pets

Our 2024 Meme x Anime rare items will be available until August 30th. 

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