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January 14, 2022

Fiendish Updates + Improvements

Nulgath Nation Quest Updates

 This week several Nulgath related quests and areas have received quality of life improvements and balance updates, most notably to the Gem(stone) of Nulgath Pet and Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance set of quests.

Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance

  • The Escherion’s Helm turn-in requirement has been replaced with a new misc item called Relic of Chaos.
  • Relic of Chaos stacks to 13 and drops from Escherion at the same rate of Escherion’s Helm.
  • Relic of Chaos also drops from Chaos Gemrald, Hydra Head 90, and Ultra Alteon (Chaos).
  • All farming pet quests that rewarded Escherion’s Helm now reward a Relic of Chaos instead.
  • Unidentified 19 is now a 3% drop from every version of the quest (it was previously a 2% drop on certain versions of the quest).

Gem(stone) of Nulgath

  • The Gem of Nulgath pet has been renamed to Gemstone of Nulgath.
  • Several Gemstone of Nulgath quests have been changed.
  • Forge Gemstones for Nulgath, Forge Tainted Gems for Nulgath, Forge Dark Crystal Shards for Nulgath, Forge Diamonds for Nulgath, Forge Blood Gems for Nulgath, and Carve the Unidentified Gemstone have all had their turn in requirements and rewards adjusted.

Receipt of Nulgath

  • The drop rate of the Receipt of Nulgath (misc) has been increased on the Receipt of Nulgath quest.
  • The Receipt of Nulgath quest now rewards a new misc item called Shredded ARS Document. 
  • Receipt of Nulgath (misc) can now be purchased in Swindle’s Ripoff Emporium for 13 Shredded ARS Documents.

Miscellaneous Quest/Map/Item Updates

Void Highlord’s Challenge

  • The level requirement has been changed to 80 (the class itself remains a level 50 item).
  • No longer requires Dwakel Decoder, The Secret 1, Elemental Ink, and Bone Dust.
  • XP reward increased.

Demanding Items of Nulgath

  • Unidentified 13 is no longer a reward option.
  • Gold and XP rewards increased.

Totem of Nulgath (quest)

  • The turn in requirement has been changed to 25 Essence of Nulgath and Taro’s Manslayer.

Void Spartan

  • Now requires 5 Blood Gems of the ArchFiend instead of 15 Diamonds of Nulgath.
  • The random drop rewards have been changed to “Choose One Of”.
  • XP reward increased.

Void Shogun Farming Quest

  • Now requires 7 Blood Gems of the ArchFiend instead of 10 Diamonds of Nulgath.
  • The random drop rewards have been changed to “Choose One Of”.
  • Gold and XP rewards increased.

Enough DOOM for an Archfiend

  • No longer rewards Unidentified 10 or The Secret 1.

Tools For the Job

  • Gold and XP rewards increased.

Reap the Souls

  • Now requires 20 Tainted Gems in addition to the Combat Soulreaper of Nulgath.
  • Rep reward increased.

Tercessuinotlim Updates

  • Incorrect cave paths no longer send the player out of the map.
  • Most monsters no longer aggro the player when they move.
  • Monsters in rooms with NPCs no longer aggro the player upon respawn.
  • Taro, Swindle, and the Twins’ rooms are now directly connected to each other.
  • Taro Blademaster has finished meditating.

Item Changes

  • Balor’s Cruelty drop rate increased.
  • Taro’s Manslayer drop rate increased.
  • Unidentified 19 can now be purchased from Swindle’s Ripoff Emporium for 6 Receipts of Swindle.
  • The Void Warlock weapons now give a 40% damage to all monsters boost.
  • The Void Warlock armor, helmet, and pet now give a 25% damage to all monsters boost.
  • ArchFiend Class...

ArchFiend Class Buff

Additionally, for Nulgath’s birthday this year, the classic Nation class ArchFiend has received a rework! It still retains its identity as an Archfiend of the Nation, now reshaped to better fit its roles as an offensive support and farmer. Now, it’s powerful enough to be an asset in anybody’s inventory. 

In lieu of its hefty performance buff, the class requirements have also been made worthy of its newfound power. If you own the old version of the class, congratulations! It's been replaced by the new version. Otherwise, head to /tercessuinotlim and speak to Oblivion to begin your “Void Promotion,” or purchase it for 2000 ACs. Unlike before, you no longer need to be a Legend to acquire the class.

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