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August 12, 2022

August Anime Parody Gear

Available from your Featured Gear Shop Now!

Residents of Eden City are known for their love of cosplay, parody, and anime. Find all-new anime-themed parody gear -- including the Howling Wizard and Vengeful DragonMage sets -- in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu for AdventureCoins until September 16th, 2022. 

Howling Wizard Set*

  • Howling Wizard of Haven + Howling Wizard's Formal Armors
  • Howling Wizard's Hair + So Twee Locks Helm
  • Howling Wizard's Fancy Tophat + So Twee Hat Helms
  • Night of Dreams Runes Cape
  • Howling Wizard's Wings Cape
  • Howling Wizard's Cloak Cape
  • Howling Wizard's Cane Staff
  • Fallen Flame Pet Pet
  • Moving Floral Ground Item

Vengeful DragonMage Set*

  • Vengeful DragonMage Armor
  • Vengeful DragonMage's Morph Helm 
  • Fated DragonMage's Hat + Locks Helms
  • Vengeful DragonMage's Visor Helm
  • Vengeful DragonMage's Flag Cape 
  • Blade of Vengeance (single + dual wield)

* An homage to Jeanne D'Arc of Fate/Grand Order

Plus find the...

  • Dominators Touch Cape 
  • Anomalous Spirit Cape
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