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December 08, 2016

2017 Artix Entertainment Calendar includes ShadowWalker Class

The 2017 Calendar just arrived!

"Brace yourself for a typhoon of obligatory extreme marketing... and some eye-exploading art"

Yesterday, the brand new 2017 Artix Entertainment Calendars arrived at the lab-- they are hot off the press and beautiful! We have been in the HeroMart room signing, packing, and shipping pre-orders like over-caffeinated elves on the night before Frostval. (OK, technically in our lore they are Moglins... but I recently watched that animated Rodolph the Red nosed Reindeer movie and the idea of giving that entire room full of Elves some of Thyton's "insano-brew coffee" and watching what happens is both funny... and at the moment, oddly relatable.) If you did not pre-order, it is not too late to get yours now.

2017 Artix Entertainment Calendar

Includes the ShadowWalker and ShadowStalker of Time Classes

Get your 2017 Calendar now via our official online shop and also receive TWO Classes - the exclusive ShadowWalker of Time class PLUS the ShadowStalker of Time Class variant for free!  There is even stuff for many of our other video games too...

12 Months of AdventureQuest 3D inspired art!

Story time :D As you know, it is tradition that each year our artists create a special calendar to celebrate our games. The bar really got raised last year when we did our first ever fully painted 12-page calendar... which is exactly why we did it again. This year's new calendar was painted by Dage, inspired by AdventureQuest 3D, and features meaningful scenes and memories that are in the new game, or coming. My favorite part about these calendars are that they are real... you can touch them. There is something special about having our video game's art on your wall.

The 2017 Calendar comes with stuff for our other games too!

This calendar will unlock in-game items in AdventureQuest 3D, AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable, EpicDuel, and the original AdventureQuest.You can see full details on

Hey Pre-Orders! We are emailing you a bonus in-game code today

As a special thank you to all of the players who pre-ordered, we are emailing you an extra in-game code today. This is for two reasons. First, as a thank you for being so awesome and patient since the calendars were original supposed to ship at the end of last week. Second, to make sure you get your in-game items first! Especially since the team over at AQWorlds is finally trying out that thing players have been asking for the last several years... based on what happens this year, we will determine if we will do it again.

Tweet us a photo of the calendar on your wall!

We love it when you send us photos when you receive your package from HeroMart. Snap a photo with your phone and tweet it to me at @ArtixKriege

Regular vs Collector's Edition

The Calendar is $19.95 and includes everything of the above. For an extra $5 you can get the collector's edition and everyone here in the lab will sign it for you and also include a special print of Galanoth engaged in an epic battle against Dragons. And he is in the superhero landing pose... Deadpool says, "He's gonna do the superhero landing, wait for it!" ... "totally impractical, they all do it."

P.S. We submitted the new AQ3D update for approval yesterday! The server patch needs to be synchronized so we will manually release it as soon as it is approved.

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