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January 28, 2022

New PVP + Class Updates

Get your Battle on... even better!

In our ongoing quest to evolve and improve AdventureQuest Worlds, we've gone back and polished / fixed some issues with the Doomarena PVP maps and given a few classes some balance-love. Plus... NEW REWARD GEAR! Read on for more details.

Doomarena changes

  • Doomarena zones will now send you back to the /doomarena hub instead of battleon
  • /bludrutPVP had a couple of new pathways added - one on each side

Server changes

  • heal player when joining PVP map 
  • small speed improvements to all combat logic
  • updated movement response in PVP maps

Client changes

  • Tweaked player movement accuracy in and out of pvp maps 
  • Better sync'd movement of other players not in the same cell in pvp maps

New Rewards

  • The Squish Game parody set items are available for Combat Trophies
  • Get 1-5 Combat Trophies depending on how many Restorers/Brawlers you defeat in /bludrutbrawl or /chaosbrawl
  • Find the PVP Trophy Shop in your game menu

Balance changes

Flame Dragon Warrior

An old class, long due for a buff. Skills, cooldowns, damage, and action cycle updated to better reflect that of a farmer, and make the class more viable in that role. Cooldowns were drastically lowered, so damage was adjusted accordingly, although it will still perform much better than before.

  • Autoattack AoE increased to 3 targets, range increased to long
  • Fire Dragon’s Roar mana cost reduced to 0, and is now unavoidable but cannot crit, cooldown increased to 5 seconds
  • Burn of Akriloth cooldown reduced to 5 seconds, damage reduced
  • Dragon’s Roar stack limit changed to 3
  • Dragon Strength cooldown decreased to 10 seconds, mana cost reduced to 10
  • Ablaze effect changed to +20% all damage, duration increased to 12 seconds
  • Burning Rage cooldown decreased to 10 seconds, mana cost reduced to 20, AoE increased to 3 targets, but damage decreased
  • Descriptions updated, autoattack name changed

Blaze Binder

Has slowly been nudged out of being a late-game farmer by continual class releases and updates, and mechanics updates. Autoattack was switched for an AoE autoattack, to better compliment current mechanics, and place it back where it was.

  • Autoattack AoE increased to 3 targets, range increased to long
  • Autoattack name and description updated

Royal Battlemage

Has also been slowly nudged out of place by class updates and mechanics updates. Class was sped up to better keep up with respawn rates, and received quality of life updates that make the class smoother to play. Remains a mid-game farmer, with the ability to farm faster as the class is played more skillfully.

  • Arcane Strike range increased to long, and can now no longer be avoided, but cannot crit
  • Explosive Shield now applies Arcane Warding, reducing all damage taken by 40% for 15 seconds, but no longer applies Focus nor Arcane Shield
  • Enchanted Blade now applies Enchanted Armor, increasing haste by 15% for 10 seconds
  • Descriptions updated
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