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May 06, 2011

Alina's Tale: The Poisoners Puzzle

Alina Finally Arrives In AQW

Someone has poisoned King Alteon and it look like our own Alina might be the culprit.

Just click the Alina's Tale button in Battleon to help her prove that she is innocent of this crime against the throne!

This is the first part of a continuing storyline for Alina. Just our way of saying Welcome to the game! She wrote the story and Samba got to really earn her stripes as an AE animator, with pumping out 2 cutscenes and a brand new monster in less than 3 days!

Just because you guys get to miss all the fun errors that we fix BEFORE we release the event I thought I would show you a little picture of Alina from earler this week. We call her DERPlina.

This adventure features a TON of new drops and shop items available from Alina, including Mennace's Opalescent Blades!

That's me wearing the Stained Aurus Wings (CC) and Alina is also modeling the Aurus Via armor from tomorrow's Limited Quantity Shop.

Limited Quantity Shop, Tomorrow 10 AM Server Time (EST)

Tomorrow at 10 AM the next LQS goes live. Here is a full list of items that can be found there.

  • Aurus Via Armor (Qty 6000) - 900 AC
  • Aurus Via Accoutrements (Qty 6000) - 400 AC
  • Aurus Via Helm (Qty 6000) - 300 AC
  • Stained Aurus Wings (Qty 6000) - 400 AC
  • Dirge Armor (Qty 3000) - 900 AC
  • Dirge Demon Helm (Qty 3000) - 300 AC
  • Male Dirge Helm (Qty 1000) - 300 AC
  • Female Dirge Helm (Qty 1000) - 300 AC
  • Sword Of Sorrow (Qty 3000) - 200 AC
  • Energy Disc (Qty 3000) - 150 AC
  • Earth Piercer (Qty 20000) - 20,000 G
  • Electric Thunder (Qty 9000) - 15,000 G

Plus all of the stuff left over from previous LQS runs.

REMEMBER: This still goes live TOMORROW at 10 AM SERVER TIME (EST). These LQS's items have been going faster and faster so i highly recommend that you be there early and warm up your clicking finger if you want to get any of these.

So long, Farewell... To A Bunch Of Stuff.

Fear Chaser is now GONE, the rare items from the event shop are now rare. The rest of the event is now member only. Grenwog is gone for another year. The HeroSmash Launch shop is gone. Those items are now rare. The Panda Launcher has been moved to a random monster in AQW.

Tomorrow when the LQS goes live, MOTHER'S DAY also goes live (I hope you guys have done something nice for your mom's. I got my mom a tree). Randor's Birthday shop and the Cinco De Mayo shop will also be gone.


Voltaire and Deady return to AQWorlds for another musical event. He was out 1st Musical Gurst Star and continues to be a very good friend to AQW. He co-wrote this event with me and hopefully you will have a LOT of fun!

We get to reveal Deady's TRUE terrifying extra-terrestrial form! Should be a lot of fun.

There WILL, as usual, be an event rare shop filled with lots of Deady, Voltaire and unlucky items and the event will give the Friday the 13th Bdage if you have somehow failed to get it so far.


HeroMart has JUST gotten the first round of EpicDuel posters in!

In addition to getthing this awesome wall poster you also get a HUGE load of credits, and as if that wasn't enough you ALSO get the Bionic Bear Bike which increases your move speed by 50% and increases your bearitude by 100%. That's assuming you're not a bear. 

Anyway, head over to HEROMART and grab one OR if you're an extra special kind of person, get the extra special SIGNED poster. (They let me hide my signature on one of the posters randomly. It's tiny and hard to find but if you get that one, let me know!)

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