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November 17, 2017

2018 Calendar Now Available

Orders begin shipping next week from HeroMart!

This year is Artix Entertainment's 15th anniversary. All year long, we've been looking back at some of the best, most classic moments in our games. As we went down the memory lane the one thing became very apparent, we could not have done it with you by our side!  We took those epic battles and crazy moments, then gathered artists from across our game teams to build the 2018 Calendar. The 2018 Artix Entertainment Calendar pre-order begins tonight at HeroMart!* 

* Delivery sneevils expect them to arrive at the lab early next week. We'll begin shipping as soon as they get here.

Unlock rewards in multiple Artix Entertainment games!

The Eternal Chronomancer art is by far my favorite, out of all the years! When you get the 2018 Calendar, you'll unlock in-game rewards inside AQ3D, AQWorlds, AdventureQuest, and DragonFable!

  • AQWorlds: Eternal Chronomancer Class + armor set
  • AQ3D: Eternal Chronomancer armor
  • DragonFable: Epoch Class + Eternal Epoch Orb 
  • AdventureQuest: Eternal Chrono Daggers

Coming soon: Immortal Chronomancer! The in-game version of the Eternal Chronomancer class and armor set - the Immortal Chronomancer - will be available later this month (after the physical calendars begin to ship). Buy an Inifinity Key for 6000 AdventureCoins from Chronix in Battleon to unlock the shop.

The Infinity Key will unlock:

  • Immortal Chronomancer Class
  • Immortal Chronomancer Armor + accessories

Note: the Infinity Key cannot be sold... so make sure you really want the class before buying the key!

2018 Calendar: Collector's Edition 

For those of you SUPER collectors, we've got a really sweet treat this time around. The Collector's Edition includes a limited "Darkovian Bloodlust" Collectors print as well as a signed copy of the 2018 calendar!

Eternal Chronomancer Class Skills

The Eternal Chronomancer Class is in progress... Arklen is just finishing up the attack animations and icons. We'll have a class skills writeup for you early next week. Until then, check out a sneak peek of the class skills.

Time Strike
Eternal Deadlock
Taking Eternity
Speed Abrasion
Rank 4 passive: Speed of Time
Rank 4 passive: Time of Speed
The Fourth Dimension
Rank 10 passive: Chronoternity

Note: the skill details posted before were from an earlier version of the design doc and do not reflect the current/final version of the skills. Please keep an eye on the Design Notes next week for the final details.

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