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January 15, 2014

2013: Year in Review

Thanks for making this AQW's BEST Year Yet!

WOAH man, guys! When you read down this list, you'll see we did a LOT of things together last year! You fought SO MANY monsters (including derp minotaurs, which NO ONE expected!), battled WAY more Chaos than you did in 2012, got a peek into the real life of Adam Bohn, Artix's creator, and so very much more!

Before you start reading all of the insane victories you racked up 2013, I want to take a moment to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone! Legends, AC buyers, and free players alike... Without everyone who plays out games, enters our contests, and tosses ideas at us on Twitter, Facebook and the forum, this would be a different game and a very different world.

You - that's right, YOU - make AQW awesome!

Thanks to all of you, we are building something incredible. Not just AQWorlds, but a gaming community where heroes of all ages can come discover who they really are, and just how amazing they can become! 


  • January 1: Year in Review of 2012 is posted, anyone else feeling Deja Vu? 
    I cannot believe how FAST last year went by! It is like we are Chronomancers! 


  • January 3: AmberHeat Tower falls prey to The Chaos Rift 

  • January 4: Revamped Base Classes 
    A new look for a new year! 

  • January 7: Lionfang’s Legacy 

  • January 9: Evolved Ranger Class released

  • January 9: Shut Up and Take My Rares Contest begins

  • January 11: Into Blakhorn Keep

  • January 14: Revisit the Golden Onslaught 



  • March 3: Dage’s Birthday shop returns once more. 
    Happy Birthday, Dage! ... What should we do for Dage THIS year?

  • March 8: New and improved Battleon Town is open for business 

  • March 9: Dage’s Soulforge opens its doors

  • March 11: Dwarves vs Giants event with MCW guest stars! 

  • March 20: Evolved DragonSlayer and Galanoth’s birthday 

  • March 20: Artix vs Chairman Platinum cage match 

  • March 28: Darkblood StormKing sweeps the battlefield 

  • March 31: Help Aria find and hatch her eggs for AQW’s Easter Event  


  • Arpil 1: AdventureQuest Farts! April Fool Day’s super classy farting soundboard 
    FOOLED YOU! We did not REALLY fart!

  • April 6: Help Send J6 into Space 
    He WON a trip to Space Camp! Thanks, guys!!

  • April 12: Journey into space for the J6 Saga Finale 

  • April 16: 1st Featured Artist Shop begins: Vokun
    Now you can find ALL of the Featured Artist shops when you /join ArtistAlley! 

  • April 19: Journey to the center of Lore 
    How many licks does it take Cysero to get to the center of a planet?


  • April 23: Memet's Featured Artist Shop 

  • April 30: Beleen puts eyelashes on her car (yes eyelashes) 
    Eye think this is WAY too silly to leave off this list! 


  • April 30: Blood Titan tankes through Lore 


  • May 2: Origins of the Undead Legion 

  • May 6: Found out of the opposite of the norm in the Mirror Realm 

  • May 7: Hizu’s Featured Artist Shop is in the house! 

  • May 9: Missing Sock Hunt Extravaganza 

  • May 10: Mirror Realm Quibble Shop 

  • May 14: Mido cat-scratches his way into the Featured Artist Shop roster 

  • May 20: Nulgath’s Featured Artist Shop 
    #NulgathNation, FALL IN! 

  • May 22: 5 more inventory spaces are added! 

  • May 24: The Blade of Awe and evolved weapons of Awe are released 
    This was the month's most AWE-some release! 

  • May 28: Jemini gallops her way in the Featured Artist Spotlight 

  • May 29: Drakath strikes back with an epic Chaos War 



  • June 1: Daimyo’s birthday: Legion-style! 

  • June 4: Deathbringer Dage’s Featured Artist Shop 
    Undead Legion members, SHOW YOUR ALLEGIANCE! 

  • June 6: The Femme Fatalities know the Fury of Dage’s Scorn (June 6)

  • June 6: Celebrates Captain Rhubarb's 10 year anniversary with a thank you shop
    Happy 10 YARRRR anniversary, Rhubarb! 

  • June 11: The Age of Aegis Featured Artist Shop 

  • June 13: Artix pushed the game to it’s breaking points with the creation of Grimskull’s Vault 
    Prepare for the next Grimskull dungeon release... SOON.

  • June 14: Binky the Unicorn become a giant bane in all hero’s backsides 


  • June 18: Tyronius leaves his mark in AQW’s art world with his Featured Artist Shop 

  • June 25: Beleen pinkifes everything in sight…AGAIN 


  • July 2: Diozz Featured Artist Shop 

  • July 2: Bad Guys, Good Battles Contest 

  • July 5: Trigoras of AQ Classic fame beats down upon the heroes of Lore 

  • July 5: The Legion Champion crushes all Legionaries in its wake 

  • July 15: Artix tackles the ultimate ninja warrior course, battle suit and all! 

  • July 16: Angelic Aranx Featured Artist Shop 

  • July 19: Member-Mania, Exclusive Classes and Blue Names! 
    We want to make sure our Legends never feel blue... even if their names are! 

  • July 22: The Final Judgement in Dage’s Kingdom 

  • July 23: Tech-savvy Solrac’s Featured Artist Shop 

  • July 27: AE does MetroCon 2013 
    Everybody Zomba Dance!

  • July 30: Checkmate goes to J6’s Featured Artist Shop 


  • August 2: ArchFriend class shows true loyalty to Nulgath 

  • August 3: HeadMistress Sora to Hoshi opens DragonRune hall to teach the world 

  • August 3: Chaos brings the war to Swordhaven

  • August 6: Ven du Violetmist rocks AQW with his featured artist shop 

  • August 8: Guilds Testing Phase II 

  • August 11: Artix has an Axe-ident with some windows 


  • August 12: Cysero explains why he leveled up to be BattleGem’s Game Lead 
    And continues to explain it everyday on Twitter

  • August 13: Roroth Featured Artist Shop: Gunslingers and Drow Galore 

  • August 15 AQW puts hats and monocles on a Brutalcorn, the internet loses it mind

  • August 16: Mechquest gives a final salute to it’s first story arc 

  • August 16: Indonesia Independence Day Panjat Pinang event 

  • August 20: The Wheel of Doom is released for all players 

  • August 27: The AQW team says goodbye for now to Notsgnal the intern 


  • September: DRAGON*CON

  • September 3: Aranx's birthday 

  • September 4: BattleGems teaser/trailer released

  • September 4: Bladehaven 3D announced 

  • September 7: Obrigado Brasil!

  • September 13: Talk Like a Pirate Day/Friday the 13th Crossover! 

  • September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day/Quibble Shop - Galactic, Chrono, and Legion Naval Commanders released 

  • September 23: Featured artist returns with Zoshi's shop 

  • September 27: Swordhaven royal wedding 


  • October: 5th Birthday! 

  • October 2: Battlemage class released 

  • October 4: All the previous year's Mogloween events return! 

  • October 8: Better botting solutions announced 

  • October 9: 1 million AQW likes on FaceBook 

  • October 12-13: Battlecon 2013: in-game convention 

  • October 17: J6 GOES TO SPAAAACE 

  • October 18: Dragon Shinobi class 

  • October 25: Oracle class for FREE!!! 

  • October 29: Arklen 10 year anniversary 

  • October 31: Mystery Mogloween boss! (Oct 31)


  • November 4: Return to the mirror realm 

  • November 5: Artix’s wedding announced 

  • November 12: J6's birthday

  • November 15: 2nd lord of chaos showdown!

  • November 15: Chaos Realm Storyline Quibble Shop 

  • November 21: Harvest fest returns
    Such a (candy)corn-y event!

  • November 20: Memet's birthday 

  • November 22: Name changes are live 
    A Hero by any other name would fight as well... and smell as sweaty! 

  • November 22: Doctor Whooooo's 50th anniversary shops 
    We present a weebly-wobbly, timey-wimey shop! 

  • November 22: Confront Drakath... IF YOU DARE!

  • November 25: Trudrakolich challenge fight 

  • November 27: 30 additional bag slots 

  • November 28: Black Friday shops and quests 


  • December 2: Cyber Monday arrives!

  • December 4: Artix’s wedding video posted! 

  • December 5: Anti shop-loader live test! Yay no cheaters! 

  • December 9: Glacial Warlord Class

  • December 13: Friday the 13th in-game wedding! 
    Congratulations, Artix and Trinni! 

  • December 14: Beleen’s Birthday
    Happy birthday, Beleen! 

  • December 19: J6 says Thanks! Spaaaaace shop

  • December 20: Quibble Frostvale 2013 Shop 

  • December 20: Dage’s Dark Winter  

  • December 20-28: Frostvale war/8 Days of Frostvale 

  • December 21: Love Caster class! 

  • December 27: Level cap raise to 60 
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