Design Notes

November 27, 2012


An ancient evil returns

Rumors have been spreading across our world that the Chronomancers, Chronocorruptors, and Time Killers are needed for a special role in the events which will take place on 12-12-12. This date only happens once every 100 years. We do not know exactly what is happening yet... we are hoping our Loremasters can decipher ancient scrolls to tell us more. If you hear anything in the mean time... let us know!

Meanwhile... "vs. the Lag Monster"

We held an emergency meeting today, gathering the head programmers of ALL of our games to once and for all fix the ongoing lag issues in AQWorlds. Last weeks major database optimization and changes did not really have a noticable effect. While the symptoms are combat and chat lag, we are 100% certain that the actual problem is related to the database data transfer speed. This has been a creeping problem as we have increased inventory space, added housing, friends lists, and now guilds. This is not hard to believe considering there are over 44 million characters in the AQWorlds Database with over 1.4 billion inventory item records. While you save the world from whatever is coming on 12-12-12, we are also going to be saving your gaming world by doing whatever it takes (Translated: major recording and restructuring) to fix the lag. Thank you for all of your patience and support as we fix these problems.

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