Design Notes

December 19, 2014

The WorldBreaker Rises

Frostval 2014 Event: Return of the Ancients!

After the Champion of Chaos let the Queen of Monsters loose, refugees from across the world flee to a new continent as the land grows colder and winter storms rage. Fight alongside Syrrus the Astromancer at the shattered Tower of Winds. Build a planetary gate that will allow a mysterious warrior mage's army to journey across spacetime and add their blades to the battle!

/Join FrozenTower to begin your adventure through the Tower of Winds and find:

  • 35 new quests
  • A new race of monsters, the FrostSpawn
  • the Tower of Winds Merge Shop
  • and a BIG BATTLE ahead of you, because...

The Queen of All Monsters is here, and she is ready to begin ruling! For that, she'll need a general, and she might have found JUST the right one! (You might recognize the family resemblance to another one of our frostiest foes... DUN DUN DUN!)

Next week, Part 2... WorldBreaker Rising: FrostSpawn Invasion plus more gear in Quibble's shop AND the Frostval 2014 Limited Quantity Sets!

Don't forget:

  • Find Blade the Talking Sword in Battleon, and begin the hunt for his birthday gear!
  • The Fantasy Hero Package Pass goes rare on December 31st at 11:59 PM
  • Talk to Tinsel in Battleon for the 12 days of FREE Frostval gifts AND the Frostval Seasonal Shop
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