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July 21, 2012

War Challenge + Reward

A gift from Dage the Evil!

To thank his Undead Legion for all of their undying devotion to his cause, Dage the Evil has placed the Undead Legacy Helm in the Undead Legion shop in Shadowfall! The helm costs 0 gold and 0 Legion Tokens! Show your loyalty to Dage by adding #DagesLegion to all of your war-related tweets!

To open this shop, you'll need to complete the "Hail to the King" quest, which you can get by talking to Dage in Shadowfall.

Note: The Undead Legacy Helm that was available to non-Legion members is now the Legion Wannabe helm and has different art. If you WANT to be a Wannabe, you can pick the helm up in Dage's Rares shop for 0 gold now. If you ARE a member of the Legion, you can pick up the REAL Undead Legacy helm in Shadowfall for 0 gold.

A reward from Nulgath!

Nulgath Nation, pay heed! Nulgath offers you the Neofiend Wings of Revontheus if you can reach 100% on this week's war meter before the Undead Legion. If you accomplish this, they will be placed in the Diamond shop when 100% is reached!

Show your loyalty to Nulgath by adding #NulgathNation to all of your war-related tweets!
Are you up for the challenge?!

Note: The Revontheus armor is a miniboss drop for this week's war. It was released early, and will not drop again until the war miniboss is unlocked!

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