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May 18, 2017

Void Challenge Monster Skills

Battle All-New Boss Monsters in The Void!

In addition to a selection of regular monsters in this week's "Void Challenge" map, we have 6 monsters for you that, on the new server,* have unique abilities and animations! If you’re up for a new type of challenge that will put your knowledge of classes and abilities to the test or, you want a challenge that demands coordinated team combat, then make sure to check out this week’s release on the new servers!


Flibbitigibbest (level 25)

Fast Auto Attack, 25% Haste buff that lasts 6 seconds and -40% all damage taken buff that lasts 6 seconds. 

This guy hits fast with decent damage and can buff his speed up even more! Use classes that debuff his haste to take away his one offensive advantage. His defense buff is strong but only lasts 6 seconds. Make sure to wait until it’s gone before hitting him with your high damage abilities and this bugger won’t be tougher than a housefly

Drakonnas (level 40)

Fast Auto Attack, +50% damage buff and +50% crit chance buff both lasting 8 seconds.

Armor up or get your heals out cause Drakonnas is bringing the pain. His electrifying attacks hit hard and crit often so if you can stun him when he’s buffed or negate his crit chance with a debuff, he’ll be nothing more than a regular guy with a funny mask.

Dark Djinni (level 50)

Regular Auto Attack, AoE DoT and +50% Dodge and Damage buff that lasts 8 seconds.

Even against a team, the Dark Djinni won’t go down easy. He has a strong AoE DoT that can crit (like all DoTs and HoTs on the new server!) and his buffs will having you wishing for a nerf. Pick classes that aren’t affected much if their attacks are dodged or classes that have hit chance buffs so you’re not starved for mana.

Xyfrag (level 70)

Weak Auto Attack, +80% Damage Resist aura that lasts 10 seconds and, Regoovenation, a massive Heal Over Time that lasts 6 seconds.

First off, you’ll need a team of the best at Yulgar’s Inn for a chance to take out Xyfrag. He’s the first of the monsters this week that is designed not to be taken out solo. He has a massive heal over time via Regoovenation in addition to his maxed out +80% Damage Resist aura. There is a way to stop his healing though… with the right classes. Luckily, his attacks are weak in general so, with the right team, you should be able to slurp Xyfrag up.

Nightbane (level 80)

Strong Auto Attack, Leech Attack and an AoE debuff that increases your mana costs by 50% for 10 seconds!

So this guy heals and hits hard and locks out high mana cost abilities for up to 3 targets! You’ll need a special blend of classes to get around his mana cost debuff otherwise, you’ll be howling at the moon for mercy.

The Reaper (level 85)

Regular Auto Attack, Stacking DoT that lasts 18 seconds if not restacked and an AoE nuke.

The Reaper is our strongest and final monster for this week’s release. He demands a coordinated team to get around his slowly stacking, massive DoT. You’ll have to juggle aggro and wait for its 18 second duration to wear off or else face imminent demise. His huge AoE nuke keeps your teammates on their toes so no slacking Jimmy!


Arklen's Helpful Hint #1: Pay attention to their buff animations as they’re timed to wear off when the buff does!

Arklen's Helpful Hint #2: If you are not a high level yet, there are other, lower-level monsters in the Void to battle. But taking on these bosses with a group will give you a taste of what's to come!

* You can still play the release on the live servers, but the boss monsters will not have new skills.

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