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January 01, 2019

Happy Birthday, Vesper!

Pink, Purple, and Prismatic Birthday Gear is HERE!

Artix Entertainment is lucky to have one of the most sincerely positive and upbeat people I've ever met. Vesper, the Secret Underground Lab's office assistant, HeroMart elf, and the host of our weekly videos, levels up in real life today, and we're celebrating with the kind of gear she'd love to wear in real life! 

One of Vesper's most awesome attributes is her constantly-changing hair color. We never know what hue she'll be sporting on any given day, which is where the "prismatic" part of her birthday shop comes in. She's a huge fan of the colors pink and purple in real life, too... so in honor of THAT (and bringing more /cheer to the new year) we've dyed a number of the cutest, most awesome items in-game pink and purple!

Log in all month long to find Vesper's seasonal birthday shop in the game menu. 

It features items like...

  • Pomegranate Twist armor and helms
  • Safiria's Rose Tribute Armor
  • Royal Doom Lord Valtrith and Safiria armors
  • Kawaii School Uniform armor
  • Magical Blossoming Bush armor
  • Rose (and Prismatic) Aura of the Ascended Cape
  • Magical Neko Helms
  • Cheery Chibi Fox and Cran-Orange Nubmuffin pets
  • Cheery Hair-Do and Smitten Noble Morphs
  • Strawberry Mochi Mochi pet
  • Fuschia and Rose Flames of the Fire Avatar
  • Pretty Pink Sparkles
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