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October 09, 2020

This weekend: Sentinel Class Update

Upgrade Now to Automatically Unlock the Sentinel Class

12th Upholder is live in AdventureQuest Worlds! As a 12th Upholder, you'll receive this year's starswords, a character page, access to the Dragonroad area, and the exclusive Sentinel Upholder Class! And this year, the Class's skills have received updated skills!

Gameplay Summary

Sentinels have watched over Lore for nearly all of its existence. Their ancient methods and techniques have resurfaced and are based on both being able to defend the innocent and to deal swift justice. Sentinels are able to enter one of two playstyles, a tankier Stance with access to heals and Damage over Time mitigation, and an attacking Stance, revolving around keeping your own health low to deal enhanced damage. The ability to play both ways means Sentinels are a two-way soloing class, able to deal with weaker opponents as well as tougher ones.

Recommended enhancements: Lucky, Fighter. Just touching this armor fills your mind with the whispers of your fallen brothers and sisters, telling you take the watch in their stead. You feel a strange compulsion to obey and mete out both protection and punishment.

Mana Regen: Sentinels gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP totalGameplay Summary

What's an Upholder? Read on!

12 years ago, AdventureQuest Worlds went live and players jumped at the chance to become the first Members of AQW. These lucky, early supporters of the game became the game's Founders. Every October after that, we hold the Upholder promotion - anyone upgrading their account during that period (or whose membership ends in early November of that year) becomes an Upholder... making them one of our most Legendary supporters. They unlock exclusive items and a zone... and the Sentinel Class.

AdventureQuest Worlds would not be what it is today without their support.

Get a detailed breakdown of the new class skills here.

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