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October 19, 2015

This Friday: Battle for the HOARD!

Take on 50,000 Evil Undead in Undead Assault: The Hoard!

One zombie dragon. An army of 50,000 evil undead. And an ancient chainsaw katana that could destroy them all... IF you can survive to claim it! Battle through Darkovia alongside Artix this week in an Evil Dead / Walking Dead / Undead Assault homage-parody-quest of OMG ZOMBIES!

Batle to discover the fate of an elite cadre of zombie slayers, fight for a chance to get all new monster-drops, and quest to create gear from The Hoard merge shop!

  • Chainsaw Katana and Dual-wield Chainsaw Katanas
  • Zombie Slayer Bow, Hammer, and Polearm weapons
  • Evil Undead Slayer armor set
  • Betrayed Slayer armor set
  • Ghost Turtle Pet and more!

Undead Assault Limited Time Shop in Your Game Menu NOW!

Undead Assault, one of our new mobile games, is coming soon, but the Limited Time Shop to celebrate its impending arrival is here now! If you haven't heard the  latest news about Undead Assault, head to! But first, log in and get your gauntlets on the gear we've released in AQWorlds to help everyone get excited!

The shop is in your game menu as contains:

  • Undead Assault Infantry armor
  • 8 different weapons
  • 2 pets
  • 3 capes
  • 1 helm

You can find more information at the Undead Assault website, or follow the Undead Assault Facebook page for more updates!

GreyWolf Commander Gear Leaves Friday!

Until this Friday, October 23rd, you can unlock our one of our most rugged sets - the Greywolf Commander - when you buy a 2000, 5000, or 12000 AdventureCoin package!

This exclusive set was handcrafted by by one of AQWorlds' newest artists, Lily, and includes an armor, 4 helms, a cape, 2 weapons, plus a character page badge!

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