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October 30, 2015

WE ARE LIVE! The Cruxshadows star in Halloween Special Event

"...and I believe."

Happy Halloween Weekend! I am so honored and excited to announce that the Cruxshadows special event is now live in AdventureQuest Worlds.  The special event is available to all players, and contains a range of monsters so that players of all levels can join in.

The CruxShadows in AdventureQuest Worlds

Airships, Pyramids, Ancient Evils and awesome music! Login in, uncover the secrets of an artifact known as the Dream Ankh whlie battling through this intense 5-Act adventure. Yorumi even coded a special mini-game just for this event. Complete the event to earn the "The Cruxshadows Defender" badge. The badge lets you open a special shop in your Book of Lore rewarding you with a magical sword, the Kopesh of Dreams. The sword starts with a small bonus against undead, which you can level it up by turning in special items that drop off the boss!

Become an Instant Fan of the Cruxshadows

The Cruxshadows - As the Dark Against My Halo


The event features music from The Cruxshadows latest album "As the Dark Against my Halo" (iTunes link)

  • Winter Born
  • Valkyrie
  • Immortal
  • And I Believe

Evolved Pumpkin Lord!

Check out the Mogloween seasonal shop for newest 2015 gear. The Evolved Pumpkinlord class, armor, sword, helm and cape are WICKED! The class is 2,000ACs (Or, Members can farm for the member-only version.) The Legion version is obtainable through legion tokens. Also in the seasonal shop you will find all new NPC armors based on the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil & Trouble, as well as a new Vampire set.

Wallpapers! Get in the spirit with wallpapers of the Evolved PumpkinLord armor for you PC Desktop or Smart Phone.

Reward Badge and the Khopesh of Dreams

Complete tonight's special event and you will unlock the "Cruxshadow Defender" badge for your character page and book of lore. Of course, if you check the badge in your book... you will find it also gives you a magical sword, "The Khopesh of Dreams." It has a special bonus against the undead. This bonus starts off very low, but you can level the sword up, increasing the undead bonus, by fusing it with items you get for defeating tonight's all new boss monster.

Khopesh of Dreams

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