Design Notes

July 05, 2012

Dage Vs Nulgath Tomorrow

The First Confrontation Begins!

The time has come for you to pledge your allegiance to one of these nefarious scions of Evil; help them finish the conflict Dage’s quest for independence began. Follow Dage and help secure his domination or support Nulgath to aid him in teaching unfaithful subordinates that loyalty is not an option!

Each side will unlock 3 minibosses over the course of the war!

In the battle for control of the Underworld - and to determine which of these two dark commanders is the supreme Evil - Dage and Nulgath need YOUR help to turn the tide of battle in their favor!

For those who do not favor either leader, they both understand the mind of a mercenary warrior. Battle and be rewarded by the gear they've set aside for your kind. They know that when you see what they have to offer, you may just reconsider your loyalties.

Details of the Dage vs Nulgath War!

You are about to enter into a free-for-all battle zone. The darkness in the Underworld is oppressive and thick. Do not think to find friends there; even those who pledge to watch your back may be tempted by the rewards available.

Know what you will face before stepping onto the battlefield:

  • Dage the Evil's Undead Legion Vs Nulgath the Archfiend's followers
  • The 3-part war will release over the next 6 weeks. (One week of war, one week of something new, repeat)
  • The war will unlock new maps, mini-bosses, and rewards as the meter climbs higher
  • The goal for this week is to reach 30% and the first miniboss
  • Each side will have War Token, Loyalty (side-specific), and AC shops
  • Each side will have 2 extra-high reward quests, one member-only, one free-player
  • The member quest will give triple the usual rewards (3 Diamonds/Legion tokens). The free player will give double the usual rewards (2 Diamonds/Legion Tokens).
  • The war farming quests and AC items will go rare. The map, War Merge items, Legion/Diamond items, and cutscenes you unlock during the war will remain for everyone to see.

Nulgath Rewards Loyal Followers with Epic Gear!

The evolution of a fiendish creature pledged to Evil, Nulgath’s lust for power rages as he searches for the defector who severed his chains. NO one deserts Nulgath without suffering repercussions; those who try may THINK they've escaped, but time and power are against them. Hope is but an illusion when faced with a vengeful creature determined to take - and keep - what is his.

It was by watching Nulgath that Dage learned the secret to keeping greedy souls by his side - give them gear they cannot live without, then keep them questing to obtain the best pieces. With each quest, each reward, his followers accept from Nulgath, they are bound ever tighter to his dark, deceptive power.

Ice Void of Nulgath Armor will be remade in AQWorlds' style

Dage Offers Loyal Minions Riches Beyond Compare!

Born through betrayal, Dage the Evil has become one of Lore's most feared necromancers. After learning the rudiments of undeath magic on his own, he signed Nulgath's contract, swearing allegiance and promising loyalty. But when he became strong enough, he shattered the bonds he'd forged and broke away, choosing instead to form his own Legion of followers.

To sway them away from Nulgath and bind their souls, Dage began crafting incredible armors and weapons to buy their loyalty. But will mere metal, chains, and skulls keep his minions loyal? Take a look at Dage's shops tomorrow and decide for yourself!

The Undead Infantry set comes to the Underworld tomorrow!

Dage and Nulgath AC Shops Coming Tomorrow!

Along with the items you'll be able to earn by amassing stacks of war tokens, Legion tokens, or Diamonds of Nulgath, you'll also be able to buy incredible gear for Adventure Coins!

Sanguine and Ragnarok Blades available from Dage's General!

For those of you just joining AQWorlds, welcome to your first war! AC war shops offer an alternative way to purchase awesome war rewards instead of farming for them, like other rewards require. If you don't have time to battle for hours or don't feel like allying with either Nulgath or Dage, then this shop will have rare gear to battle on with (or save in your bank as war mementos. Remember all AC items get free storage in your bank)!

We'll have previews of Nulgath's AC items tomorrow and a Nulgath story Design Notes post.

Treasure Chest Update Tomorrow!

Aranx and Solrac have combined forces to bring you the shiniest Treasure Chest update in quite a while! Twilly's chest is packed full of the Brave-st, most gilded gear out there! /Equip these new items and your opponents will know what it is to fear the Shadow of Death!

I hope you've kept your chests and have your keys in hand!

Coming to the Treasure Chest in tomorrow's release:

  • Kind of Brave Armor
  • Kind of Brave Locks
  • The Shadow of Death Armor
  • The Shadow of Death Mask
  • Axe of Absolute Death
  • Bow of Bravery
  • Golden Guardian Armor

Boku and Allopass Available as Payment Option Again!

For the last few weeks, we've received many requests to bring back the Boku and Allopass payment method for international users. We've got good news for you guys: they're back and ready for action! Thanks for being patient while we analyzed how to provide the best payment method for our players overseas, and MANY thank yous for wanting to help support AE! We couldn't make the game without you!

Full Moon Shop Leaves Tomorrow Night!

This news is going to make many of you HOWL with disappointment, but full moons only last so long. And, true to life, our Full Moon shop leave with tomorrow night's release. If you want to frighten your opponents with a wolfish grin before they turn tail and /run, then get your gear before the Dage vs Nulgath war begins.

Freedom Shop Leaves on Monday!

Freedom is something we should fight for all year 'round, but the Freedom SHOP is only available until Monday! If you'd like to get libertastically awesome equips, then your time ends in a few days!

J6's Galanoth Helmet Up for Auction!

Handmade and signed by J6, this real-life replica of Galanoth's Helm was created to help him pay for his wedding this September! It measures 21 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall (including horns). It will fit large-sized heads, so if you're as sturdy as Galanoth and looking to take up a blade and become a Dragonslayer, this is the helm to get!

Dragons (and everyone else) will run from you in fear when you /equip this helm!

For details on how the helm was constructed, head to J6's ebay auction! Only 3 of these helms are in existence, so it's one of the rarest pieces of AE-related merchandise you can buy. The winner of the auction will ALSO get the never-before-released Lair house in AQWorlds if they own a valid account!

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