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September 03, 2011

Con Release!

Dragon*Con does NOT Drag On!

It can't, because it NEVER STOPS. It's 1:46AM and Yergen, Rolith, and I are sitting around relaxing and going over the AWESOME panel we hosted earlier today. But first, let's go over the AQWorlds release before I either fall asleep or fall into the middle of a conga line of StormTroopers. Both options are equally as likely to happen.

Mystery MMO (Massively Molten Operation)

That's right, a mystery villain has kidnapped you and dropped you at the bottom of a volcano! He doesn't want to have to deal with you because he KNOWS how much trouble you were the LAST time he dealt with you.

That's right. You've tangled with him before. But not in AQWorlds. Good luck taking on his fiery, furious riddle-laden dungeon crawl. I mean it. You better hope you're lucky, because he is INSANE.

20 floors of battling on will have you in a frenzy of flame-laden fighting until you reach the top... and FREEDOM!

Suggestion Shop Update!

  • Raging Fire (by Na Tra)
  • Legendary Bow (by xserenax)
  • The Unknown (by theavenger07)
  • Unknown Hood (by theavenger07)
  • Medieval Shadow (by Dudulokinho)
  • False Blade of Champions (by Ayuzu)
  • Turbulence (by Ninjudo)

Members' Free Treasure Chest Keys Coming Soon!

We're all at Con. Working. Yep. Working. (And playing. It's a company retreat to learn, meet players, and recharge our creative batteries.) So we will get the functionality for the 2 free Member Keys working once we get back to the Lab on Tuesday.

Con Fun! (Not Con Funk. That's different, and gross.)

We have already had SO much fun, and met so many awesome players! Aeonarial, Practel, CrystalStar, and so many more came to our Player Pizza Party! We destroyed 30 pizzas, had a lot of laughs, and got a lot of great ideas for AQWorlds!

Today's panel was AWESOME! We announced 3 VERY big announcements which I will let either Artix or Cysero tell you next week. (Unless you hear it on Twitter or the forums from someone who was here.) Voltaire came and performed live. We gave away calendars and Zazul threw a LOT of candy at people.

It's 2AM. Rolith and I are going to go find Trouble. (When Cysero is involved, the word uses a capital T.) Trouble will likely include a Wookie, a superhero, and possibly a Hynotoad. We'll have to see!

Cysero will share more stories and many pictures here in the DNs next week! For regular Twitter updates from Con, just check my Twitter account, or Cysero's, or Artix's!


August 31, 2011

A Mystery Villain Arrives Friday!

 Molten Madness Means Mayhem!

Flaming carnage, fiery death, and massive magma-based mayhem! All contained in a raging, roaring volcano! And THAT is where you wake up, Hero! This mysterious 'mancer is not taking any chances with you, not when you've caused so much trouble in the past.

Luckily, Warlic and Jimmy the Eye will be on-hand to assist you.

What is it with villains and impractical hideouts? I mean, really, wouldn't a well-guarded fortress be more suitable for plotting world domination? But noooo, this villainous violator of the peace has plans for you, Hero, and it's up to you to evade them. Otherwise, you'll be roasted, toasted, and burnt to a crisp!

Prepare to battle through an inferno of furious fire minions as you make your way to the top of this incendiary site! This release is the lead-in to a larger story which we will

More Epic Items and Equips for you!

We've got NEW Treasure Chest items, NEW Player Suggestion Shop items, and NEW massively molten rewards for you this week!

Treasure Chest items:

  • Blinding Valor Armor
  • Zealith Reaver Armor
  • Zealith Helm
  • Zealith Wings
  • Blinding Valor Sword and Shield
  • Blinding Valor Wings
  • Valor High Priest
  • Valor High Halo
  • Valor Domed Helm
  • Fallen Angel
  • Fallen Angel Helm
  • Fallen Angel Wings
  • Lotus Armor
  • Lotus Helm

Suggestion Shop update:

  • Raging Fire (by Na Tra)
  • Legendary Bow (by xserenax)
  • The Unknown (by theavenger07)
  • Unknown Hood (by theavenger07)
  • Medieval Shadow (by Dudulokinho)
  • False Blade of Champions (by Ayuzu)
  • Turbulence (by Ninjudo)
  • Backblades of Assassins (by Lord SlayR)
  • Khriot's Hair (by Khriot)

Massively Molten Release rewards:

  • Magma Bow
  • Lava Spear and Shield
  • Searing Slicers
  • Axe of Many Flames
  • Hammer of the Core
  • Flaming Armor

Dragon*Con starts TOMORRW!!!

We are racing to get everything ready so that we can roll AQWorlds live from our panel at Dragon*Con on Friday. Although Yorumi will be at the Lab Friday to make sure the servers don't explode, Cysero, me, Samba, and many other AE staff members will be onhand to help launch another awesome AQWorlds release!

If you're going to Con (or wish you were), then check out Cysero's Guide to DragonCon!

And speaking of AWESOME releases... Pony vs Pony will go LIVE! At the Panel! On Friday! Everyone has been working on Pony vs Pony this week to make sure there's enough content for you to saddle up in style. Not sure what we're talking about? Check this page out! (Make sure you have your music turned on.)

We will also be making some other announcements, will ask you what YOU think we should do in DragonFable's Chapter 2, play some games, watch some (awful) videos, and have an epicly awesome, con-crashing good time!

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