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February 09, 2012

Getting into Character...?

Mia is making a splash! (literally)

Before voice acting, we do our best to warm up by getting into the spirit of our characters. Apparently Mia does too... BUT in honor of the AQW Valentine's event, she actually had a makeup artist do her makeup as a mermaid, put on a pretty dress and went into the water! Now THAT is how you do authentic voice acting! Fortunately a mer-photographer took these goergous pictures... because... "Screenshot or it did not happen!"

Mia J. Park gets into her Mer-Angel character

This is so exciting -- we are all anxious to hear her in the game's release tomorrow. Technology Tell did a nice article on Mia and the AQWorlds Valentines Event -- and released some secret info I managed not to leak. Working with Mia has a been fun but also tricky - she lives in Australia, which is both home to many of our awesome players, and pretty much on the exact opposite side of the world from us. But thanks to the power of the interwebs and our gamer-inspired sleep schedules, that did not present a real problem, LOL.

Valentines Day BOSS FIGHT

The Eternal Curse of Love (AQWorld's 2012 Valentines Release)

Meanwhile, here at the lab, the entire AQWorlds team is in super crunch time. With less than 24 hours left till the release, we still have a ton of cutscenes, coding, art and animations to complete. This was a REALLY big Valentines day release to attempt to crete in only a week... but look at the bright side, at least this is not going to be a pink/heart/lovey/overly-cutified release like other Valentines Day releases. Nope... I wrote this story for you guys.... and as a teaser, above is tomorrow's BOSS MONSTER (Drawn by Dage) I really hope you enjoy tomorrow's Valentine's release.

P.S. For those of you following the AQ3D / EbilCorp Events, which has been attracting major attention from our fans, something BIG is going down late tonight. Get caught up and find out the results... however this turns out... tomorrow!

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