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September 07, 2012

Return to Mobius

The Solaris and Lunaris Clans Await!

Shoot for the stars! Light and Darkness dominate the skies in an eternal clash for supremacy... and immensely-powerful artifacts!

Solaris and Lunaris Call to You!

This weekend, return to the /Mobius map in Chiral Valley and speak to either Saa'thel or Traveon. Ally with either the Lunaris or Solaris clans and, with your help, one side may finally gain the ability to control the stars... and Lore itself!

All-new Suggestion Shop Gear is Here!

Speak with Yulgar to view our all-new Suggestion items! We take your designs and put them in-game for ALL your friends to /equip! Because we've put so many of your ideas into AQW, the Suggestion Shop is overloaded!

Reminiscence Armor and Rune Falcon blade

So we're moving all the current gear into the Legendary Suggestions Shop. You can still buy those OR take a look at all the epic gear in the NEW Suggestions Shop!

Talk to Twilly for Power Gem Solution!

We've got a POWERFUL fix to the power gem problem! Talk to Twilly in Battleon (you'll find him on top of the gem-stack) once a week to get 1 Power Gem added straight into your inventory. You MUST have a confirmed email to get a Power Gem.

Twilly's got Your Gem!

The Power Gem link will ALSO be included in the newsletter emails, but if you do not receive an email for any reason, you can talk to Twilly in-game to get your Gem. You cannot get more than 1 Gem a week, so if you get it through your newsletter, you cannot get a 2nd from Twilly.

To confirm your email and begin receiving 1 FREE Power Gem each week, go here: Account Manager!
If you see two stacks of Power Gem in your inventory, we will fix that next week.

Brasilian Independence Day!

Thanks for your continued support of AQWorlds, and congratulations on the anniversary of your Brasilian Independence Day! And to share the excitement that comes with a holiday like that, we've made the Brasilian Independence Day items available to everyone!

Aproveitem os raros épicos! There are some awesome new Brasil-themed items as well as all of the items from last year!

/Join Battleon to browse the 2012 Obrigado Shop!

  • FIVE colorful Arara pets!
  • A NEW armor set!*
  • All the returning seasonal rares!

* One of our Brasilian mods, Colosso (formerly Daimyo), requested we put his personal set into the shop this year. Obrigado, Colosso!

DOUBLE Ballyhoo Rewards for US Players!

Now through September 16th, if you live in the United States, when you visit Ballyhoo and watch our How To Train Your Dragon ad, receive DOUBLE the usual rewards! As long as you see the HTTYD video and background skin, you'll receive 1,000 gold OR a chance to gain 7 Adventure Coins! Just /join battleontown to view Ballyhoo ads up to 10 times a day!

All good Heroes should know the basics of How to Train Your Dragon... and her new ad shows you a great resource to do that! View her ad, then open the Magic Treasure Chest for a chance to gain either 7 free AdventureCoins OR 1,000 gold!

* If you live outside the US, you can still watch Ballyhoo's regular ads for a chance to get either 500 gold or a few Adventure Coins!

Coming Soon!

  • J6 the Bountyhunter is turning Builder! He wants to expand your housing selection, so what new houses would YOU like to live in?
  • Samba loves animals... and making sure you're protected! This month she'll introduce the member-only "My First Battle-Pet" shop. What starter battle-pets do you want?
  • We will announce the rewards of the Matomy Contest as soon as we get in touch with the winners!
  • The next Span release! (Are you ready to meet the zone's first Chaos Beast?)
  • Guilds Phase I are BACK on Yorumi's active To-Do List!

Have a good night, everyone, and enjoy the release!

43 days...


January 11, 2011

2011 is Year of the Moglin!

Field guide to the Good, the Ebil and... Twig?

Moglins are the cuddly* and adorable** mascots of our game. Their origins are a mystery but the Loremasters say they have protected the forests since the times when Dragons ruled the world. With their magic healing powers*** and pure heart  s**** they represent all that is good in the world*****. The most famous Moglins are well known to most of you... but for those just joining us this year, here is a helpful guide!

* Except for Zorbak
** Except for Zorbak
*** Except for Zorbak
**** Except for Zorbak
***** Except for Zorbak

Twilly from AQworlds Twilly
He is cuddlier than any fabric softener bear and more puntable than a football. Twilly's is a true friend to all. His helpful heals in the town of Battleon have made him one of the most liked and famous moglins in the world. We are not quite sure how he got that chunk taken out of his right ear... erm... left ear... erm... well, I guess it depends on which way he is facing. 2D world dynamics are so wierd! Any way yo ulook at it, Twilly is a good moglin that you can count on!
Zorbak from AQworlds Zorbak
100% Ebil. Even as a baby it was not hard to see that Zorbak was different than the other moglins. While his fellow moglins touched plants, healing them and filling them with life energy.... his touch caused them to rot and become zombified. This does not bother him though. For he is consumed with dillusions of grandier and dreams of world conquest. All that stands between him and his wicked goal is... well, a way to actually do it. So be careful what you give him! Zorbak can often be found teaming up with villians -- mostly to try to take control of their undead armies. He has a soft wpot in his black heart for the sweet voice of a cute Necromantress though. If there is mischief, expect to hear Zorbak's signature "Meh heh heh" in the distance!
Twig from AQworlds

If there was a moglin formula for disaster... it would be "the terrible 2's", invincibility and a love of fish & icecream -- mixed together in a creamy casserole served with pickles, gummi bears and some hot chocolate. The story goes that Oishii saved Twig as a baby... and due to consuming an elemental orb he gained the power of invincability allowing him to further survive Oishii's cooking... and.... somehow... enjoy it. 10 out of 10 evil dentists agree... he is the craziest moglin in the world and should be approached with extreme caution.


There are many other moglins in the world... Truffle (the rarest moglin because she has wings), Quibble (the never-before-seen-used weapon salesmoglin)... and many others. Each has a unique story, appearance (Well, except for Invisi the invisible moglin), and ability. During your adventures you may encounter these creatures. Do not dismiss them due to their small size. It should be known that Moglins hold a significant role in the balance between Order and Chaos. Why do such little cute things always hold such secrets?

Forum Question: If you were a moglin, what would you look like? What color would you be? What would you wear? Would you have any markings or powers?

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