Design Notes

November 30, 2010

A Truck-Load of Pun


Ooooh! The truck transporting the 1st shipment of Battle On 2011 Calendars just arrived! As the driver, "Buddy", lowered the pallete off the back of the big rig's trailer a swarm of service robots poured out of the Secret Underground Lab's loading dock carrying the boxes to the unpacking plant. Do not worry, they were armed with twin G4-R anti-sneevil lasers*. Florida has a notoriously large sneevil infestation problem. You really need to watch your boxes closely. Faith carefully inspected each box then nodded her head for us to proceed. Within minutes we ripped through the cardboard containers like a pack of highly caffinated velociraptors. Freed from their boxy prison, the shiny Calendars immediately got the codes that unlock the Chronomancer class (and other in-game collector's items) placed within them. As you read this... we are packing your pre-orders and preparing to mail them out! There are a lot of them. It is really intimidating. Probably going to take until Friday for physically pack and ship them all. The only thing scarier than seeing that mountain of boxes** on the truck and knowing they were all already sold.... is knowing that a second bigger batch is on its way and most of them are already sold too O_O So for those of you who have been waiting on the first batch -- heads up, your calendar is on its way soon!

* Hind-sight being 20/20 we should have went with the Bazooka upgrade. You can never be too careful.
** I called it, Mount Boxula

House Call

Last week I was very ill and stuck in bed staring at the spackle on the ceiling***. This gave me some time to think. We are long overdue for an upgrade to our houses. You need the ability to lock your house, let friends-only in, kick players from your house, and to get objects for your house that let you do creative, crazy and terrible things to other players. Examples: A group teleporter so you can launch quests from your house; a mirror ball that makes everyone dance at the house owner's command; and trap doors that send players to alternate dimensions.... maybe with some cool monsters in there. Maybe have the option to make your house into a PvP zone? We are also long overdue to add CASTLES as obtainable homes in the game. On a semi-related subject I would like to add the ability to access shops, your bank, and other features to house objects and pets. Actualy, I would like the ability to add multiplayer minigames to these objects so you can play things like paper-rock-scissors or trivia while hanging out with your friends. Do you have any ideas for cool items? Let us know on the forums! Also, tomorrow -- Beleen is going to start this year's cookie contest!

*** In the spackle I found Skeletor's face, a pair of really uncomfortable looking wool pants, and a spider. Except... it really was a spider. I named him Webster. In fever inspired dreams Webster and I would go on missions and save babies from burning buildings and beat up bad guys using our combined super powers. Of course, with all of his might he was earily lured to the darkside and became the... omg, am I really telling you this?

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