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May 09, 2013

Hunt for the Missing Socks

It's Missing Left Sock Day! Will YOU find one?

For some reason, I can NEVER find my socks! (That may be because I don't own any.) From what I hear, lots of you guys have the same problem, and you DO own socks!

Last year, to raise awareness about this missing sock epidemic, Cysero opened the Missing Left Sock Day shop and wrote a moving speech. Read about the nature of this sock-ing mystery here: Cysero's Sock Public Service Announcement.

Free to play fantasy MMO hosts an in-game sock hunt for Missing Left Sock Day!
Helping the golem put a sock in it.

Sadly, the problem still exists. For the last month, we've had players on Twitter calling our attention to the fact that they can't find their socks anywhere! Not in their drawers, not on their floors. Not under their beds, not on top of their heads. So today, May 9th, Missing Left Sock Day 2013, we want to gather everyone in AQWorlds and FIND THOSE SOCKS! 

Find the Socks, Get the Prizes!

Everyone loves socks! (Unless you've got sensitive feet...) So we've crafted some woolly gear that'll really sock it to ya!

Free to play fantasy MMO hosts an in-game sock hunt for Missing Left Sock Day!Finding the Sock Shop will be quite a feet!

  • Missing Middle Sock Dragon pet
  • Chaorrupted Sock pet
  • Sockarang and Dual Sockarangs
  • Troll Sock Helm
  • Nolly Sock Face

But Where ARE They?!

We can't just tell you! The whole point of the game is to find the socks and get the prizes! But I will give some you some hints.

The socks are:

  • Not in the water.
  • Not underground.
  • Not in a Chaos Beast map.
  • Not always in the first room of a map.
  • May be draped on, over, or around NPCs.

Gather your friends and start hunting through AQWorlds! The socks are yours to find... and the gear is yours to claim! The gear will stay in-game for a week or two, then the socks will disappear. (Like they always do!)

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