Design Notes

November 26, 2012

Fight to the War's Finish

The Chaos Twins have BIG plans for you, Hero!

Shatter the chains that have trapped The Span's golems! War in /TheSpan rages, and your goal is to destroy Drakath's new army... and save the Chaos Lord! Once the war meter hits 100%, use the button on the war meter to go straight to the boss and take it down!

Doing the unexpected is what Xing and Xang do best!

Those who seek out Chaos will be happy with the rewards; for those ready to CRUSH Chaos, hold on to the Chaos Hourglass that drops from the monster. It will come in handy with Friday's release! Speaking of...

Friday: Chaos in Outer Space!

Mecha, monsters, and MASSIVE amounts of super-spaced out rewards await you in Friday's newest Chaos zone update. You'll need to gather and save what you can of Professor Iadoa's mind, battle the final Proto-Chaos Beast, and return home safely or your true destiny will never be realized!

Make sure your energy blades are charged!

NEXT week you will face the Chaos Beast AND the Chaos Lord... but first you'll need to conquer deep space... and an all-new miniboss!

Frostval is Coming in December!

You might have heard warnings that a cataclysmic something-or-other is about to strike, but what we should really be focusing on is... FROSTVAL! I don't know about you, but the AQW team LOVES this holiday!

Have you been a Good Hero... or an Evil Hero?

The cheer, the chill air, and all the presents we get to give!* Nothing's going to stop us from making this the biggest, best Frostval celebration yet! With you on our side, this is definitely NOT going to be just another day!

* Like bringing you Dage's Sword of the Legion Shop!

Treasure Chest Update!

Grab your inventories and check for treasure chests! If you've got any laying around, you'll want to log in this Friday because there will be all-new items available from the Treasure Chest quest. Members get two FREE Treasure Chest keys every month their upgrade is active; you'll need a Treasure Chest key to try for a reward!

Make sure to bring your Treasure Chest Keys!

Remember, you can get more Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly in Battleon with Adventure Coins, or just sell the unopened chests for a little extra gold if you don't want to see what is inside!


July 06, 2012

Dage vs. Nulgath: War Begins

Who Is The Greater Evil?

The time has come.

Dage, once an apprentice of Nulgath, has marshaled his forces and begun his march against his former master. But who is the true master? Is Dage The Evil really as clever as he thinks he is? Has he truly used Nulgath's own contracts to gain power and escaped the consequences only to become an even greater evil than his former master? Maybe he is just an overconfident fool who will pay the ultimate price for lashing out against a patient teacher who was simply biding his time while his student became full of himself?

This war will decide the fate of both of these creatures of evil.

In this war, there are SIX total shops, and as the war progresses, all of the shops will gain more items.

  • Dage's AC RARES
  • Nulgath's AC RARES
  • Dage's Legion Token Shop
  • Nulgath's Diamond Shop
  • Dage's War Merge Shop
  • Nulgath's War Merge Shop

The AC RARES shop each have items for their own side. This week Nulgath has released less than Dage but a little but he has released a VERY expensive RARE Armor that is sure to go down in history.There are rumors that Dage is hard at work crafting an armor set or two to rival the Deathfiend of Nulgath but those are only rumors.

The Legion Token and Diamond Shops also contain special items for each side but these are ONLY for the devout followers of Dage, Nulgath or both. All of these items will also be going rare so, to make them a little easier to get the two evil masters have agreed to allow you to farm for Legion Tokens and Diamonds inside the war.

UPDATE: Due to an oversight and dramatic imbalance, the quests have been removed. If a more balanced solution is found, they may be re-added with some new requirements next week.

Members get special quests with larger pay-outs to help you farm for Legion Tokens or Diamonds more quickly.

Finally, there are the War Merge Shops. These shops will NOT be going Rare, neither will the war so you will be able to earn the items in these shops whenever you like.

Right now Nulgath is working on the first of several animated shorts which I hope we will be able to put up here on this design notes post a little later tonight. If not, we will get it up as soon as we can.

We want to know who you are fighting for so here are some Twitter Links:

  • Let Nulgath know that you're a member of the #NulgathNation and ready to crush the weak!
  • Let Dage know that #DagesLegion will never rest until they win, even after death!
  • Let Me know if you're an #AQWMercenary and plan on playing both sides of the field!

New Treasure Chest Update!

After a VERY long time we have finally been able to update the Magic Treasure Chests that drop from every monster in the game! In addition to the already amazing items that come out of the Treasure Chests we have three new sets coming as individual pieces.

First is The Mischief Set...

The colored bits are color custom so you can express your inner-trickster. We also have the Brave Golden Set...

and finally is the Shadow of Death set, complete with helm and weapon!

Remember that Members can go to Twilly for 2 FREE Treasure Chest Magic Keys per month, but if you run out you can always buy more from him.


Don't forget that if you are running low on AdventureCoins, you can also purchase more or complete the sponsored offers in AEXtras to get FREE ACs!

We also have the Golden Plate One Year Membership Promotion still going on. It appears that almost everyone who wants to take advantage of this offer, has already done it so it won't be around for too much longer. If you're waiting until the last minute... now is the time!


July 05, 2012

Dage Vs Nulgath Tomorrow

The First Confrontation Begins!

The time has come for you to pledge your allegiance to one of these nefarious scions of Evil; help them finish the conflict Dage’s quest for independence began. Follow Dage and help secure his domination or support Nulgath to aid him in teaching unfaithful subordinates that loyalty is not an option!

Each side will unlock 3 minibosses over the course of the war!

In the battle for control of the Underworld - and to determine which of these two dark commanders is the supreme Evil - Dage and Nulgath need YOUR help to turn the tide of battle in their favor!

For those who do not favor either leader, they both understand the mind of a mercenary warrior. Battle and be rewarded by the gear they've set aside for your kind. They know that when you see what they have to offer, you may just reconsider your loyalties.

Details of the Dage vs Nulgath War!

You are about to enter into a free-for-all battle zone. The darkness in the Underworld is oppressive and thick. Do not think to find friends there; even those who pledge to watch your back may be tempted by the rewards available.

Know what you will face before stepping onto the battlefield:

  • Dage the Evil's Undead Legion Vs Nulgath the Archfiend's followers
  • The 3-part war will release over the next 6 weeks. (One week of war, one week of something new, repeat)
  • The war will unlock new maps, mini-bosses, and rewards as the meter climbs higher
  • The goal for this week is to reach 30% and the first miniboss
  • Each side will have War Token, Loyalty (side-specific), and AC shops
  • Each side will have 2 extra-high reward quests, one member-only, one free-player
  • The member quest will give triple the usual rewards (3 Diamonds/Legion tokens). The free player will give double the usual rewards (2 Diamonds/Legion Tokens).
  • The war farming quests and AC items will go rare. The map, War Merge items, Legion/Diamond items, and cutscenes you unlock during the war will remain for everyone to see.

Nulgath Rewards Loyal Followers with Epic Gear!

The evolution of a fiendish creature pledged to Evil, Nulgath’s lust for power rages as he searches for the defector who severed his chains. NO one deserts Nulgath without suffering repercussions; those who try may THINK they've escaped, but time and power are against them. Hope is but an illusion when faced with a vengeful creature determined to take - and keep - what is his.

It was by watching Nulgath that Dage learned the secret to keeping greedy souls by his side - give them gear they cannot live without, then keep them questing to obtain the best pieces. With each quest, each reward, his followers accept from Nulgath, they are bound ever tighter to his dark, deceptive power.

Ice Void of Nulgath Armor will be remade in AQWorlds' style

Dage Offers Loyal Minions Riches Beyond Compare!

Born through betrayal, Dage the Evil has become one of Lore's most feared necromancers. After learning the rudiments of undeath magic on his own, he signed Nulgath's contract, swearing allegiance and promising loyalty. But when he became strong enough, he shattered the bonds he'd forged and broke away, choosing instead to form his own Legion of followers.

To sway them away from Nulgath and bind their souls, Dage began crafting incredible armors and weapons to buy their loyalty. But will mere metal, chains, and skulls keep his minions loyal? Take a look at Dage's shops tomorrow and decide for yourself!

The Undead Infantry set comes to the Underworld tomorrow!

Dage and Nulgath AC Shops Coming Tomorrow!

Along with the items you'll be able to earn by amassing stacks of war tokens, Legion tokens, or Diamonds of Nulgath, you'll also be able to buy incredible gear for Adventure Coins!

Sanguine and Ragnarok Blades available from Dage's General!

For those of you just joining AQWorlds, welcome to your first war! AC war shops offer an alternative way to purchase awesome war rewards instead of farming for them, like other rewards require. If you don't have time to battle for hours or don't feel like allying with either Nulgath or Dage, then this shop will have rare gear to battle on with (or save in your bank as war mementos. Remember all AC items get free storage in your bank)!

We'll have previews of Nulgath's AC items tomorrow and a Nulgath story Design Notes post.

Treasure Chest Update Tomorrow!

Aranx and Solrac have combined forces to bring you the shiniest Treasure Chest update in quite a while! Twilly's chest is packed full of the Brave-st, most gilded gear out there! /Equip these new items and your opponents will know what it is to fear the Shadow of Death!

I hope you've kept your chests and have your keys in hand!

Coming to the Treasure Chest in tomorrow's release:

  • Kind of Brave Armor
  • Kind of Brave Locks
  • The Shadow of Death Armor
  • The Shadow of Death Mask
  • Axe of Absolute Death
  • Bow of Bravery
  • Golden Guardian Armor

Boku and Allopass Available as Payment Option Again!

For the last few weeks, we've received many requests to bring back the Boku and Allopass payment method for international users. We've got good news for you guys: they're back and ready for action! Thanks for being patient while we analyzed how to provide the best payment method for our players overseas, and MANY thank yous for wanting to help support AE! We couldn't make the game without you!

Full Moon Shop Leaves Tomorrow Night!

This news is going to make many of you HOWL with disappointment, but full moons only last so long. And, true to life, our Full Moon shop leave with tomorrow night's release. If you want to frighten your opponents with a wolfish grin before they turn tail and /run, then get your gear before the Dage vs Nulgath war begins.

Freedom Shop Leaves on Monday!

Freedom is something we should fight for all year 'round, but the Freedom SHOP is only available until Monday! If you'd like to get libertastically awesome equips, then your time ends in a few days!

J6's Galanoth Helmet Up for Auction!

Handmade and signed by J6, this real-life replica of Galanoth's Helm was created to help him pay for his wedding this September! It measures 21 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall (including horns). It will fit large-sized heads, so if you're as sturdy as Galanoth and looking to take up a blade and become a Dragonslayer, this is the helm to get!

Dragons (and everyone else) will run from you in fear when you /equip this helm!

For details on how the helm was constructed, head to J6's ebay auction! Only 3 of these helms are in existence, so it's one of the rarest pieces of AE-related merchandise you can buy. The winner of the auction will ALSO get the never-before-released Lair house in AQWorlds if they own a valid account!


April 06, 2012

Happy Grenwog 2012!

Grenwog Menu

Would you like to hear about today's specials, sir or madam?


  • A hot GRENWOG SEASONAL EVENT spiced with farm fresh Egg Hunts, free range Berserker Bunny 12 12 and EVOLVED Bunny Berserker 12 and ALL NEW organically grown Grenwog Items dropping from the Grenwog monster and new quests and quest rewards on Cabdury!

    Please note: We have MOVED the eggs in Battleon and Battleontown. You'll have to find them in their new locations.

  • Your choice of EIGHT delicious new Player Suggestions in the Player Suggestion shop in Yulgar!

    Paladin's Vengeance Blade - Schillie
    Sarazen Armaments - CervantesMaxi
    Books of Power Cape - Championaustin
    Aspar Polearm - Unleashed Rage
    Enchanter Armor - Digyo
    Enchanter Mask - Digyo
    Luminous DragonKnight - Lord SlayR
    Luminous DragonKnight Helm -  Lord SlayR


    Paladin of Old Armor
    Horned Helm of Honor
    Winged Helm of Justice
    Helm of Wisdom
    Altar Of Sanguine
    Altar Of Ragnarok
    Altar Of Caladbolg

    The last three selections are our first HOUSE ITEMS, which give you in-game previews of the Sanguine and Ragnarok swords which will come with the Artix Button Collections coming soon to HeroMart.

    NOTE: You will need house item space to accept these Alter House Items when you open the Treasure Chests. Please plan accordingly.

    The Altar Of Caladbolg has a special treat for members of Dage The Evil's Undead Legion. Click on this terrifyingly beautiful House Item and it will offer you a quest which may reward you with the CALADBOLG SWORD, seen in the alter.

    Ask your waiter for allergy information.

  • CATCH OF THE MONTH! Freshly caught Battle Lamb Pet-o-the month is available for AQW Members (Yes, it's a Battle Pet) in Aria's Pet Shop! The Baby Wooly Mammoth came to the shop a little late so he will hang around for a little longer. MARKET PRICE.

Happy Grenwog and enjoy your meal! OR ELSE!


Next Friday is FRIDAY the 13th and Voltaire is returning for a brand new Friday The 13th event!

This event will (as always) feature Voltaire and a new Event Rare Shop which will stay open for a limited time. It will also feature Deady, his arch-rival Sleezter Bunny and a host of other nightmarish rabbit enemies! It will also feature a ton of new acoustic versions of his music which he is recording for the event!

Voltaire's in-game NPC will reflect his ever evolving on-stage look that he is currently wearing at his LIVE SHOWS!

Voltaire has some new limited edition collector's toys coming out soon and HeroMart will be selling a few of them. EACH of the new toys will come with a TON of in-game pets (like 7 or something) which will all be tied into this event so you really don't want to miss it!

And yes... you will be able to get his new Top Hat.


Did you read THIS? You should. It provides very useful insights into what it takes to keep this thing moving and we all have our part.


April 02, 2012

So Much Monday News

We've got a LOT coming up!

RAWR! We are so PUMPED for this month; we've got so many release plans and they all start this Wednesday! So lets get straight to what you guys can expext this week, and then for the rest of the month!

Coming this week:


Everyone's favorite boxing rabbit (at least, we're pretty sure it's a rabbit...) is back with a stash full of seasonal loot and an awesome boss fight! If you haven't joined us for our annual Grenwog event before, here's the breakdown of our Spring-Bunny-Egg themed holiday event:

In honor of Doomwood Pt 2 coming, we've made
the member-only Mini Grenlich pet!

  • Egg hunt all over Lore with Cabdury the Bunny
  • Backpack of Eggs and Vorpal Bunny pet w/ quests
  • Grenwog boss battle
  • Member-only Mini Grenlich pet (drops from the Grenwog boss)
  • Return of previous years' seasonal rares
  • New Grenwog gear like the Grenwog Slayer armor!

Aegis' Member-only Grenwog Slayer armor!

April Pet o' the Month - Armored Battle Lamb!

Careful, it'll bleat you to death baaa-dly! This member-only battle pet looks delicious but is really ferocious!

Great for ramming ewe-r opponents in baaa-ttle!

Also this week:

  • Dage is working on some epic new loot for the Treasure Chest drops!
  • Solrac is crafting some amazing armors for the Player Suggestion Shop!
  • There will be NO mid-week release this week. Sorry guys! Cysero's hard at work on next week's Friday the 13th event with Voltaire!
  • The first of FIVE weeks of in-game Artist Livestream events (one artist a week)! Log in on Wednesday at 4pm server time to see J6 draw an all-new item from your suggestions over Twitter!

Leaving this week:

  • The Rares shop from The Magic Thief: Chaos in your Veins event leaves tonight!
  • Cysero takes AQW back from EbilCorp at some point tomorrow!
  • Lucky Fair leaves for another year on April 16th!
  • The Limited Quantity Shop leaves Monday, April 9th (or once everything is sold out)!

Zard Rider armors are still in stock, but once they're gone, they're gone FOREVER!

Coming in April:

  • Friday the 13th! Voltaire, Deady, and Evil Inter-dimensional Bunnies!
  • Doomwood Part 2: The Blinding Light of Destiny! Artix returns to the AQW team to release  an expansion to last Summer's blockbuster Doomwood zone!

Doomwood Part 2: Blinding Light of Destiny
will reach out and grab your attention!

Coming Soon:

  • Our next tradeskill will be ALCHEMY! This minigame is a lot more involved than fishing and takes a fair bit of timing and skill to balance the different components. With 16 potion ingredients, you'll be able to create a wide range of extra-effective elixirs, tonics, and draughts! No release date yet, but Dumoose is hard at work!

Magic + Science = Alchemy! (Alina + Lim = BOOM!)

  • In case you haven't heard, we've made action figures! Artix and Sepulchure are sitting in the War Room as we speak, and we're preparing to launch them - and their rare BLACK variants - soon! We don't have an exact release date, but as soon as we do, we'll be sure to let you all know!

Don't worry, we're not toying with you. They'll really release!

Artix (normal or black variant) figures come with:

  1. Paladin's Castle In-game House
  2. Paladin High Lord Class
  3. Palaldin High Lord Armor
  4. Artix's Helm (Legendary item!)
  5. High Lord's Battleaxe of Destiny
  6. Paladin High Lord Character Page Achievement
  7. FIVE original cards to modify your AQW Battle Card deck! (different from Seppy's toy's cards)

Sepulchure (normal or black variant) figures come with:

  1. DoomKnight's Fortress In-game House
  2. DoomKnight Overlord Class
  3. DoomKnight Overlord Armor
  4. Sepulchure's Helm (Legendary item!)
  5. Overlord's DoomBlade
  6. DoomKnight Overlord Character Page Achievement
  7. FIVE original cards to modify your AQW Battle Card deck! (different from Artix toy's cards)

These will be available in Toys R Us in the United States and on HeroMart shortly after that. I'm sad to say that I STILL have no fixed release date for you, but I keep getting told "Late April, Early May".

Have a great Monday, everyone! The Magic Thief rares will leave later tonight, so get your gear while you can!


December 02, 2011

The Chaos Beast Rises

Can YOU face down the Gruaige Baas?

Stare into the eyes of a Medusa-beast straight out of legend and larger than any creature Bloodtusk has seen before!

f you don't take it on - and WIN - then the Alliance's generals will become the first sacrifices in a world ruled by Krellenos and Chaos! Another rune on Drakath's Portal has been unlocked

Save the Alliance Generals, take on the Chaos Beast and prepare yourself for the ending NO ONE expected!* With a Chaos Lord this furious, ask yourself: What will this mean for Bloodtusk, for Lore... and for Drakath?

To do the new release: /join orecavern

And until you get the answer**, enjoy these epically Chaorrupted rewards:

  • Madness of Chaos Armor
  • Chaos Executioner Armor
  • Gruaige Baas Chaos Beast Pet
  • Chaotic Halberd
  • Chaotic Axeperity
  • And more!

* Really! We've been reading your predictions since the first Bloodtusk release to see who'd guess.
** Chaos Lord battle coming next week!

TWO new Bloodtusk Classes! 

Horcs and Trolls have very defined battle techniques,and as a show of gratitude for ALL the help you've given them against the threat of Chaos, they are teaching you their war lore! From the Trolls, learn the mystical battleskills of a SpellSmith! And from the Horcs, capitalize on the aid of a battle pet and epic evasion skills!

Horc Evader Class:

Use this evasion and dodge heavy rogue-type class with your BATTLE PET to show your foes that Horc Warriors aren't just brutes - they're quick on their feet and can kill you before you blink! Smell their fear, smell their blood, and use your pet to take down ANY opponent!

  • Whistle
  • Shadow Strike
  • Smell Fear
  • Night Hunter and Shadow Wise
  • Hunter's Call
  • Smell Blood

Troll SpellSmith Class:

As a SpellSmith, you'll have a wide range of options open to you in battle! Feel like attacking with an AOE and take down multiple enemies at once? DO IT! Want to do a decent amount of damage to single enemies? You can do THAT too! Solo bosses AND self-heal AND buff your friends! So MANY CHOICES!

  • Energy Arc
  • Frost Flame
  • Focus Energy
  • Empower and Shift Fate
  • Weakness Sigil
  • Troll Control

See Cysero's Bloodtusk Class Skills writeup for many more details! You can get your very own Evader and SpellSmith classes by gaining Rank 10 in Horc or Troll Rep respectively OR talking to Itzachi in Battleon and buying them for 2,000 ACs!

Changes in the Bloodtusk Ravine Map!

We've made some changes in the Bloodtusk Ravine hub town map! As you play through the storyfrom here on out, the NPCs in the town will change according to what is happening to them in the releases! (So when the Chaos Lord is discovered, they will disappear from their spot in the town, etc.) This gives the area a more dynamic feel, making the zone seem more fully a part of the action!

Khasaanda has also gotten some new quests that you will be able to do in this week's map OR from the very start of the storyline. They'll give some background information on important things like the Arashtite Ore.

Update to the Treasure Chests!

When things get heated in battle, make sure you have the Heavy Blader armor equipped to keep your HP high! This is the newest addition to the Treasure Chest loot pool! With Treasure Chest rewards dropping from every monster in the game, you're sure to get enough oppotunities to with this armor or any of your other favorites!

And remember, members get TWO FREE Keys at the start of each month! If you've run out of Keys, you can always buy more by talking to Twilly in BattleOn! The Chests will always contain some of our most epic gear, so make sure you treasure those Chest drops when you get 'em!

HeroMart: Get your Gift On!

The shop is still stocked with crazycool real life rares for the holidays at HeroMart! If you haven't gotten a 2012 AQWorlds Calendar, the Doomwood or Chaos Mod Packs, the Artix Logo shirt, or our other awesome swag yet, now's the perfect time! And all our swag makes GREAT gifts for friends and family!

Coming Next Week!

CHAOS is on the move! If you haven't played the release yet (and if you're reading this, we're assuming you haven't), then you have NO idea what's in store for next week's Chaos Lord battle! And if you HAVE played the release... then you STILL have no idea what's coming next! Make sure to log in next week for:

  • Chaos Lord Battle!
  • Release of past Frostval content!
  • Mudluk Update!
  • Quibble Coinbiter leaves Monday!

Have a great weekend guys, and enjoy the release!


October 17, 2011

They Might Be Giants Finale!

This Friday, the EPIC conclusion to the TMBG event!

Space, Time, and Portals! What could go wrong? EVERYTHING! I hope you've packed your towels, you hoopy froods, because you're going on an adventure WAY back into the past and FAR into the future this Friday!

"OW." - John F.

The dinos in this time period will make you really saur, so grab the nearest club or leg bone and attack back! After rockin' the dino-age, strap on your highest-tech gear, because you're going to be BLASTED through Time and Space into...

An otherworldy, alien futurescape! The Shadow-eyes are watching, always watching, never blinking. If you can evade them AND battle the alien guards, then MAYBE you'll reach your objective before The Collector. It's up to YOU to get everyone home and in one piece... but NOT as a piece of the Collection!

And don't miss the ALL-NEW even AWESOMER items that will be released this week! (Including 2-3 new houses, armors, weapons, and more!)

Vindicator Of They Class!

The Vindicator of They Class is coming THIS FRIDAY! If you haven't read about this Class yet, take a look at the Design Notes I posted here! With a look at all the crazy skills we've made for the class and the news that there will be TWO new skill animations, this is a Class you won't want to miss, because before long, it'll be as RARE as anything The Collector has!

But YOU can get it for 90 Tokens of Vindication OR giving Itzachi in BattleOn 2,000 ACs. Are YOU the Hero meant to vindicate They Might Be Giants?

Treasure (Chest) These Hard-To-Get Items!

This week we'll be updating the Treasure Chest with another awesome set of items and an armor! We don't know what to make yet, though, so why not let us know what YOU want? Post your ideas in the Design Notes thread or tell us on Twitter!

We Need Your Screenshots!

Beleen is working on a new page for and she needs your help! Can you post your most epic screenshots of any of the special events from the last three years? (Pink screenshots not necessary!) Post all your awesome shots here!

Which monsters are the most EPIC?

We have ANOTHER special project we're working on - this time with Yergen's help! We need to know which monsters you think are the scariest, most awesome, craziest, grossest, whichever you feel are the monsters that best represent AQWorlds, please post them here!

Mogloween is Coming!

This Mogloween is going to be... DELICIOUSLY* frightening! Insanity, death, and... CYSERO?! How does THAT make sense? And what could THIS art possibly be for?!

It's cherry pie filling, honest!

We're working on Mogloween even as we drive home the last pieces of the They Might Be Giants event, so get ready for a week of epic awesomeness followed by a week of terrifying insanity! It's all coming up in AQWorlds before the end of this October!

* That is a hint.


September 28, 2011

Purple Elephants on a SkyShip

That seems like a silly SkyPirate strategy...

Afternoon, Heroes and Heroines and Anti-Heroes! (Not the same thing as Villains according to literary theory!) Cysero told Twitter that I would write Design Notes. Now, I didn't think that was really wise since I'm taking some medicine for pain (I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday), but I trust Cysero! He's never steered me wrong yet, except for the time he suggested I eat the snozzberry yogurt. But might have dreamed that memory.

OOOH speaking of literature, I was reading a book Monday to distract myself from the pain in my mouth and it was about Hannibal using elephants in war. And THAT led to my dream - which happened when Rolith made me take a NAP (even though I need to work and not sleep!) - which was KIND OF about the release...

In that I dreamed about the SkyGuard (visions of BattleOn, Arcangrove, Lolosia, and more exploding as SkyPirate bombs fell on them) and SkyPirates using (this is a REALLY bad idea, pirates) purple elephants to attack the SkyGuard's Department of Strategization...

which sounds like defenestration...

which means to throw out of a window...

and the eyes are the window to the soul...

and sailors say "Aye Aye Cap'n"...

and the SkyGuard are sailors of the air...

and air is in hairspray...

which they use to style beehive bouffants...

which sounds like elephants...

that the SkyPirates want to purple! It all makes SENSE!@!!!


The TV and the DVR are glaring at me with malice in their beady little red LEDs. They're going to get me, and Rolith's out getting more juice! Oh NOOOOO!

I'm gonna need a Hero! And the SkyGuard are holding on for a Hero 'til the end of the Flight! You've gotta be brave, gotta /unsheath at the sight of SkyPirates as they start to fight!

Members will get a chance to be Heroes and earn
a SkyPirate Slayer character page badge this Friday!

I need a heeeeeeee-rooooooo-oooooo! Don't need teeth to sing. Success!


Also successful (we think) will be this Friday's Limited Time Shop (member-only items sold for gold)! Cysero talked about that here. Cysero talks about a lot of things (he is REALLY smart! No joke.), and this is one of the ones you should definitely remember to pay attention to.

If you follow that link, you'll ALSO get to learn, or to remember if you've already learned it, about the update to the Treasure Chests this week! We're not going to stop filling those until you have HUNDREDS of items to collect! (That is a HUGE chest! Perhaps it is a Treasure Chest of Holding. HAH! D&D reference. I love being a nerd.)

We will also TRY to update the Player Suggestion shop. It depends on how much time we have.

Ok. Ok. Talk about the SkyGuard release. Talk about the Limited Time Shop. Talk about the Treasure Chest update. Talk about the Suggestion Shop. Check. Check. Check. Check. ... Check please! I'm checkin' out, it's nap time!

I'll leave you with a pretty pretty picture:

Rolith bought me lovely flowers but the cats eated them.


September 23, 2011

Bloodtusk Under Siege!

Good and Evil Take Over the Ravine!

Fear of Chaos is tearing apart both the Horcs and Trolls! King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn, worried over whispers escaping from the Ravine, have sent their diplomats to take over, instituting martial law.

With the Alliance's Army controlling the Ravine - the Horcs and Trolls are afraid they will be unable to protect themselves from the Chaos Lord, whoever they may be!

Kagg and Sokrakiis call on YOU, Hero, to help them save their homes, their families, and a mysterious Ore that is sacred to them all. Will you defy your long-time allies to help your newest friends? And Drakath's minions... what chaotic Twin-terference have THEY been up to?

This week has some AWESOME rewards AND a member-only area of the map to battle high-exp and gold monsters! (This area also has increased drop rates for quest items and item rewards!)

Troll Rep Shop:

  • Troll Warrior Armor
  • Trollinator Cape
  • Trollinator Helms

Horc Rep Shop:

  • Horc Peacekeeper Armor
  • Horcinating Cape
  • Peacekeeper Hat

Troll Defiance Shop:

  • Pride and Glory
  • Troll's Last Stand

Horc Defiance Shop:

  • Granite Rippers
  • Mauling Stick

And even more rewards from Khasaanda and Zot in the /join ravinetemple map!

New Treasure Chest Rewards!

Treasure Chests just keep dropping! And THIS week there's NEW items in them! We're going to keep adding new items to the Treasure Chest reward drop pool until we have hundreds! And this week we bring you the Onikage Armor and Helm!

Noteworthy News!

Quibble Coinbiter's Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop is staying for another week! Grab your doubloons and loot his shop or he'll make you walk the plank. Yarrrr!
The Bloodtusk AC War Rare shops are GONE! Those epic items are gone for good! We also removed all of the Chaorrupted Troll Boss drops except the pets.

3rd Upholder is Coming!

October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword! (The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.)

What comes next for Bloodtusk?

If you're really going to help the Trolls and Horcs, it looks like you're going to need to take on the Alliance! But the Twins -and Drakath - aren't going to make that easy. Nor are they going to stop fomenting Chaos between the Horcs and Trolls! And what of the mysterious Chaos Lord? You'll find out! Join us next week for more of the ravages of fear, loathing, and Chaos in Bloodtusk Ravine!

If you can't do quests for this week:

Then you'll need to follow these steps:

If you can't do Kagg's quests in the ravinetemple map, then here's what you need to do:

Head back to the Crossroads zone, and talk to Rawg (all the way to the right and up):

1) Accept the Oracle quest from Rawg.
2) Answer the Oracle's questions in the middle of the ravine.
*** Then follow the rest of the steps below.

If you've already done the Oracle's quest (answered her questions) for the Horcs, do this:

3) Go and watch the Eclipse cutscene at the end of the Crossroads zone.
4) Watch The River Runs Red in /bloodtuskwar
5) Kill the War Boss again.
6) Watch the cutscene, "Chaos Rages."
7) Go to /ravinetemple and do the quests!


If you can't do Sokrakiis' quests in the ravinetemple map, then here's what you need to do:

Head back to the Crossroads zone, and talk to Druuz (all the way to the right and up):

1) Accept the Oracle quest from Druuz.
2) Answer the Oracle's questions in the middle of the ravine.
*** Then follow the rest of the steps below.

If you've already done the Oracle's quest (answered her questions) for the Trolls, do this:

3) Go and watch the Eclipse cutscene at the end of the Crossroads zone.
4) Watch The River Runs Red in /bloodtuskwar
5) Kill the War Boss again.
6) Watch the cutscene, "Chaos Scars."
7) Go to /ravinetemple and do the quests!

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