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October 14, 2011

They Might Be Giants Special Event!

AQWorlds 3rd Birthday Event is live!

Happy 3rd Birthday, AQWorlds! The entire AQWorlds team want to thank you for /join'ing us for the BIGGEST birthday party event we've ever thrown!

With titanic musical guests They Might Be Giants, all the Heroes of Lore are in store for an event that will blast through the bounds of Space and Time to trap you in another dimension... where YOU are the most prized possession in The Collector's stash of epic rare Heroes!

Battle On to escape The Collector!

Your Great Destiny got you into this mess, but your epic battle skills and superior combat strategy are going to save you, They Might Be Giants, and a mystery guest star out!

Doppelgangers like to gang up on Heroes. It's in their name!

/Equip your most Collectible gear for:

  • An EPIC AC Rares shop!
  • Tokens of Vindication Merge Shop!
  • The first pieces of the Vindicators of They set!
    (Vindicator of They Class comes NEXT Friday!)
  • Super-Fan Swag Merge Shop!
  • It Might Be A House Item Shop!
  • A 1 Hour EXP Boost!
  • 3 awesome cutscenes!
  • 10 storyline quests!
  • Many side quests and hidden quests!
    (Be sure to click ALL over the map to find these secret quests!)
  • 5 member-only bonus quests in the Member-only Lab map!
  • Member and non-member daily quests!
  • Quests for EVERY FACTION which will reward you with 5,000 Rep each!
  • Character page and Book of Lore achievements!
  • And TWO ALL-NEW TMBG song written JUST for AQWorlds!

Check out this week's Design Notes to see the awesome equips and Hero-sized gear (not intended for Giants) available in the event!

Artix, Cysero, Yorumi, Samba, J6, the rest of the AQWorlds team, and I want to thank ALL of you for playing and staying with us through all of the Chaos, both in this event and in the rest of the game! (Drakath had a hand in it all, you can be sure!) Now get in there and BATTLE ON!

Happy birthday, AQWorlds!


October 13, 2011

3rd Birthday Event - Tonight!

AQWorlds' 3rd Birthday Event Comes Tonight!

Rares! You either love them or hate them, but would you ever want to BE one? This Friday, YOU are the MVC (most valuable collectible), because you're a Hero with a Great Destiny, and The Collector wants YOU as his most prized possession!

After falling into a portal through Space and Time, you'll find yourself trapped in the Collection along with John and John from They Might Be Giants! Along with John and John and a character you know and love (or hate), you'll need to free yourself from The Collector's clutches. By any means necessary! AND you'll get to collect EPIC rares while you do it!

In our most awesome birthday event yet - starring the BIGGEST (literally!) guest musicians yet - you're going to have a world of opportunities to BATTLE ON! Even if your world has shrunk to the size of a dome floating in the farthest reaches of hyperspace!

AQWorlds' giant-sized 3rd birthday event will be out of this world... and this is only Part 1! Join us tonight at 6PM for the rarest, most valuable birthday event yet!


3rd Upholder Time!

Now that October has actually arrived, the weather is starting to cool down, the days are getting shorter and it's Upholder Time in AQW!

October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword! (The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.)


October 12, 2011

They Might Be EPIC Rares!

AQWorlds' 3rd Birthday Event Rare Items!

When we invited They Might Be Giants to do AQWorlds' 3rd birthday blowout this year, we knew that the equips that were released alongside them had to be bigger than gigantic... they had to be universally EPIC! (The Universe is bigger than a normal giant, but only slightly bigger than the Giants They Might Be.)

We will have an AC shop as well as TWO merge shops! One will require Tokens of Vindication, which drop from daily quests. Members will have two daily quests available to them, while non-members can do one a day.*. The other will require various Super-Fan Tokens that the monsters will drop.

Here's a first look for many of you (unless you follow us on Twitter!) at some of the time-bending, space-rending, universe-ending equips that we will be releasing on Friday during the event!

* Members can earn up to 2 Tokens of Vindication a day, which lets them get items faster!

  • Universe Armor - 800 ACs
  • Celestial Hair - 100 ACs
  • Universe Hood - 100 ACs
  • Galactic Hackers - 175 ACs

  • Particle Armor - 10 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Particle Armaments - 6 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Particle Pack - 3 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Particle Blade - 5 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)

  • Robot Parade Chassis - 6 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Robot Parade Mask - 2 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Robot Parade Copper Topper - 2 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Robot Parade Blade - 3 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Robot Parade Flag - 2 Tokens of Vindication (member)

  • Paper Bag Head - 6 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Hovering Sombrero Cape - 2 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Chicken And Ice Cream Helm - 1 Super Fan Swag Token C (non-member)

We have MANY more rockin' rares (only available in-game for ONE year!) that we haven't shown you! You'll just have to log in and battle your way through the Collector's prison to earn these awesome equips!

Vindicator of They Class and Set!

They Might Need a Hero, and YOU definitely need a new class! Save John and John, battle your way through the daily quests they offer, and take down the obviously over-rated opponents (a win will up your Rare Score!), and you'll be well on your way to becoming a Vindicator of They! (Class will not release until NEXT Friday.)

The Vindicator of They non-member Class will be sold for 2000 ACs at Itzachi in BattleOn OR you can earn it by stocking up 90 Tokens of Vindication! The rest of the set will be available in the Tokens of Vindication Merge shop THIS Friday!

  • Vindicator of They Class - 2,000 ACs OR 90 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Helm - 15 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Blade - 45 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Cape - 5 Tokens of Vindication

Many members of the Artix Entertainment team (from more than just the AQW team) have been hard at work on this 3rd birthday event for weeks! And THIS Friday you'll see Part 1 of the biggest AQWorlds event with our BIGGEST guests ever!

WHAT    "The Collector" Special In-Game Event
WHEN    Friday, October 14th @ 6pm EST
WHO     They Might Be Giants, the AQWorlds team and YOU!
WHY     Celebrate AQWorld’s 3rd Birthday!
HOW     Join us in-game, at

For more information about the event and the scoop on the Giants behind the band, check out our Event Page!

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