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July 19, 2017

Join the AQW Community Team!

Now Closed!

Moderator, Tester, Bug Hunters Accepting New Members

Our in-game moderators, bug hunters, and testers are amazing... and more, they all started as members of our player community! They joined our corps of contributors* to make the game and community better for everyone. We're looking for some fresh new faces to bring new enthusiasm, energy, and awesomeness to the teams! And that's why we're here today.


What Do Moderators, Bug Hunters, and Testers Do?

All three groups work to improve the game and community, but there are a few key differences:

  • Moderators: read and take action on in-game reports. They help keep the game safe for everyone.
  • Testers: work directly with the game developers to find and fix bugs before new releases go out.
  • Bug Hunters: read, review, and confirm bug reports sent to

If you'd like to know more about the differences between team members, check out Cysero's FAQ.

Important Information

We love when players ascend, and join the ranks of our community team! We offer challenges, very bad jokes, and some pretty sweet perks. Read on if you think you’re ready to apply.

  • You must be 18 to apply and join the community team. No exceptions.
  • You may only apply for ONE position.
  • Please do not include attachments.  Emails with attachments will not be actioned.
  • Only send one email application (so make sure it’s accurate before hitting the “send” button!)
  • Your AQW and other AE game account histories will be reviewed, as well as your AE Master and forum accounts, if applicable.
  • Participation in the community team is strictly voluntary, and not a paid position.
  • You may receive memberships, secondary currency, and/or other sweet loot as a “thank you” for your participation and contribution
  • All applications will be read and considered. If you are selected for consideration, we will email you.
  • Deadline for applications is Midnight server time August 2nd, 2017!

How to Apply

Whether you’re considering applying for a Moderator, Tester or Bug Hunter, you'll need to follow the instructions below:

Email your application to [email protected]

  • Moderators: put AQW MOD APPLICATION in the subject line
  • Bug hunters: put AQW BUG HUNTER APPLICATION in the subject line
  • Testers: put AQW TESTER APPLICATION in the subject line
  • Note: emails without specific subject lines will not be received.

Include the following:

  1. Real name
  2. Age (18+ only)
  3. Country of residence
  4. AQW game account
  5. AE Master Account (if you have one)
  6. AE Forum account (if you have one)
  7. Social media accounts (optional)
  8. List any languages other than English you read/write

Moderator applications: Include a paragraph telling us what you think being a mod will mean and any experience you have that makes you a good candidate.

Tester applications: Include the days and times you're available to help test. Most testing takes place on Friday, but there are things to help test throughout the week.

Bug Hunter applications: Include a short paragraph on talking about any experience you think makes you a good candidate, and why you should be considered for the position.

It will take some time for Sora, Reens and Cemaros to get through all the applications so please be patient. If we do not respond, we want to thank you for being awesome enough to apply!  

Moderator Candidate Message

Sora here, Head of the Moderators for AQWorlds.  I am looking for new mods, and now is your chance to apply! Our moderators need to be the most trustworthy and responsible players in the community. And MUST be over 18.

Important qualities for moderators:

  • Be fair, honest, and willing to ask for guidance and input
  • Be eager to serve and improve the community

Tester Candidate Message

Reens is the head of our Tester team. We release new content EVERY WEEK. (Sometimes, multiple times a week!) That means we have a ton of new quests, monsters, and maps to test… and that requires testers!

Important qualities for testers:

  • Know AQWorlds inside out, upside down, and right-side ‘round
  • Eager and ready to play new releases before they go live, test them, break them, help fix them, then play them again (over and over until they’re right!)

Bug Hunter Candidate Message

Bug reports are a part of building videogames, and we get them throughout the week!  But with a crew of dedicated and knowledgeable Bug Hunters, lead by Cemaros, we can smash’em all.

Important qualities for Bug Hunters:

  • Able to think outside the box
  • Able to follow written directions precisely
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Experienced and knowledgeable*
  • Be at least partly insane already.  If you've seen Cemaros's twitter, you already know about this part.

Note: Being experienced does not mean you have to be level 50+ but you should have played long enough to understand the game.

Community Team Member Traits

There are a few things we look for in all our community team members, regardless of whether you want to moderate the game, test it, fix it, build it, or polish the in-game doorknobs. Anyone meeting the criteria below is welcome to apply!

  • Eager to serve and improve the community... while having a lot of fun with your team mates
  • Team players with an enthusiastic, positive attitude towards AQW and its players
  • Responsiblity, maturity, and coolness under pressure
  • Willingness to follow all in-game rules and team guidelines
  • Ability to read and write English at a secondary school level

Good Luck!

* Our moderators, testers, and bug hunters put in their time and effort to help the community and games... but we always stress that real-life obligations have to come first. That means we occasionally lose some team members to outside responsibilities... but we ALSO get to bring on MORE new team members!

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