Design Notes

July 01, 2011

The Doomwood Saga finale is coming!

THe climactic end to an epic tale comes next week!

Darkness meets Light in an epic battle for WORLD DOMINATION! Vordred, the PaladinSlayer, has taken out every Paladin in Lore... except Artix. In order to become the Champion of Darkness and rule the world, all Vordred knows is that he must slay Artix!

You are Lore's last hope, Hero! To protect Artix and the world, you must go on an journey through the heart of darkness in Doomwood in order to save the Light!

Play the Doomwood Saga and experience:

  • Doomwood Invasion

Vordred, the PaladinSlay, sends a massive army of undead to attack Lightguard Keep, Doomwood's last defense against Darkness. You learn that Artix is the Last Paladin, and that he must be kept safe at all costs!

  • Zorbak's Hideout

Zorbak, the ebil blue moglin, is the only Necromancer in Doomwood who doesn't either hate you or want to kill you. He's your only source of information! Battle through to his Hideout and gain the information you seek!

  • Tower of Necromancy

If you want to gain enterance into the Necropolis, you'll need to become a Necromancer or create a fake Necro U Student ID. Battle up 10 floors of this awesome puzzle-minigame and find out who waits for you at the top!

  • The Necropolis

Sneak into Necro U, Doomwood's school of Necromancy! See what information you can find out about Vordred! Meet the Dean of the Necropolis and learn where the secrets to Vordred's nature and future are kept!

  • Temple of Doomwood

20 floors of furious fighting make up this dungeon crawl! If you can reach the bottom, you'll find the Dracolich imprisoned there AND learn key information about Artix and his powers!

  • Shadowfall War

Darkness versus Darkness! Vordred and Noxus are invading Shadowfall, home to Gravelyn, Empress of the Shadowscythe! Their goal - to take over her army of undead! If Shadowfall is conquered, Artix, Doomwood, and Lore are doomed!

  • CastleMania - ArcAttack musical event

Vordred has left you to defeat Noxus in Shadowfall while he forces ArcAttack - a band of Mad Scientists - to conduct the ULTIMATE EXPERIMENT in energy, magic, and music in order to make him UNSTOPPABLE!


Necromancer Class: Available in Doomwood!

Are YOU ready to take the final step into Darkness? Do you have what it takes to become… a Necromancer?  I thought so, excellent! There are TWO paths to get the Necromancer Class, and it’s your call which to take:

  • The Tower: Purchase the NUE Necronomicon from the Rep Shop in Lightguard (requires rank 10 DoomWood Rep); find the Creature Shard (drops off the Creature Creation in the Maul); and talk to the Master at the top of the Tower to buy it for 50,000 gold.
  • The Hideout: Purchase the Necromancer Class for 2,000 ACs by talking to Zorbak.

Be sure to check out the Necromancer Class skill write-up that Cysero put out on the Design Notes for details! You can find the AC version in Zorbak's Hideout.

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