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June 04, 2015

Bug Hunters and Finders: Report In!

"The bigger the bug, the more satisfying the squish!"

If the line up there makes your fingers itch to grab a mallet and squash something, then keep reading, because you're just what the Bugs team is looking for! If you find a bug while playing AQWorlds, help the team fix your issues by reporting it on the Bug Tracker!

squash bugs online game aq worlds


How to Report a Bug to the Bug Tracker

1. Head to the page at

2. Select AdventureQuest Worlds from the drop-down menu and click "go"

3. Choose the category that best applies to your bug from the drop-down menu and click "go"

4. Fill in any information in the form that appears. (The form will change based on the nature of your issue.) Give us as MUCH information about the bug as you can. The more we know, the easier a problem is to fix!

5. Review your information, then click "Submit Bug Report"

We do not reply directly to bug reports. Once you've submitted the report, Bug Hunters will confirm it, then send the information on to the team, who will fix it as soon as possible. (Bugs are prioritized in order of how game-breaking they are.)

We can't fix AQWorlds unless we know there are bugs... and that's where YOU come in!

Reminders from Cemaros on how to report bugs

Hiya folks!  Cemaros, lead Bug Hunter here.  I’d like to take just a moment of your time to remind you of a few things that will make it easier to get your bugs addressed and fixed.

Try clearing your cache first.

The majority of reports I get are simply caches that need clearing.  Having a stuffed cache causes more problems than you would ever believe!*

Please always give us your name!

It’s so much easier to figure out what is going on if we know who you are. A link to your character page is even MORE helpful (no chance of spelling errors, then!), but getting your name is a great first step.

Double check your email address.  

Then double check it again. Please. Please. Please! Many emails sent out never reach people because the address was incorrect due to typos or simply being faked.  I can’t reply if I don’t have correct info.

Post from the device you are having the bug on.  

The form collects data about your browser that is often vital to determining the cause of the issue.  So if you have trouble on your laptop, but send the bug from your iPhone, we have incorrect data to go on.

Include as much information about your bug as possible.

If it’s about a quest, please be sure to include the name of the quest and at least the map it is located on. If it's a class, include what skill you were using when the bug occurred.

Nothing is more frustrating to us than not being able to help you because we don't have enough information. We want to fix the bugs as much as you want them fixed! 

Screenshots are the best thing ever.

They are always welcome (and sometimes its even impossible to fix your bugs without them)! This is especially true if you are reporting an art bug.  It’s far easier to look at a screenshot with the bug marked than read an explanation and hope we understood it.

The More we know... the easier it is to fix.

Remember, there is no such thing as too much information!  The more you give, the better and faster we can help you out.  There is such as thing as too little.

*It once caused every single button in the game to stop working for me. I could walk, talk, /join maps, and fight monsters, but could not push a simple button!

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