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May 01, 2014

Beleen Sings!

The 100% Tone-Deaf Pinkomancer sings a song about Account Protection, Hackers, and Password Security!

Hi I'm Beleen, and I'm singing a song about the terms and the rules so we can all get along. Having your account hacked, I think you'd agree, is uber lame, so sing this song with me!

When you share your password

Your account will get hacked

All your stuff will get stolen

And they won't give it back


So when another player

Asks your password

You know that they're a hacker

And their claims are absurd


They wont give you gold

Nor will they make you Mod

so when they claim these things

You know it's a fraud!


Your password is a secret

So be prepared 

To /report anyone

Who wants you to share.


‘Cuz they will steal your account 

And they wont give it back

So you gatta keep it smart

And /report them, stat!


So now it's up to you 

And every boy and girl

To never share your password

For AQ Worlds!

Click here to watch the full sized full video! And be sure to leave a comment in YouTube and share with your friends! (But don’t share your password!)

xoxo Beleen! =D

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