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October 13, 2012

Stop Operation Gameocide

Save Our Games from EbilCorp!

All six of Artix Entertainment's games are under attack... but we are fighting harder than ever to CRUSH EbilCorp's invading drones! They have sabatoged our 10th anniversary, but they aren't having an easy time taking us down.

We aren't safe yet, though. If we do not defeat ALL of the monsters by next Friday, they will trigger "Gameocide" and destroy our entire game network! But once we DO destroy the threat they present - and we WILL because you guys are awesome...

 Click here to see the war meters for ALL our games!

AQWorlds players can finally enjoy the 4th birthday party we are throwing in the Secret Underground Lab! (Check Monday for previews of the party waiting for you in the Lab! ... and there WILL be cake!)

Chairman Platinum Pressed... the Button!

AE's heroes are winning too WELL... for Chairman Platinum! We knew you would hit EbilCorp where it hurts! But the Chairman didn't agree. He released a video earlier today announcing that he has minions in reserve, and can send them at us any time he presses his big Ebil button!

He THINKS that will help EbilCorp win, but he doesn't know Artix Entertainment Heroes! He has to bring in his reserve minions to TRY to take you all down. But he hasn't been able to so far, and no matter how many drones he sends, you'll CRUSH those, too!

EbilCorp Invaded AE's 10th Anniversary Event!

But that won't stop us from celebrating! ... Even if Chairman Platinum DID take over Battleon! Check out all of the epic anniversary event rares we've got for you! (But remember, if EbilCorp wins, there will be no game to /equip them in!)

In the AE Event Rares shop at Zorbak:

  • Savior of Lore Armor - 500 ACs
  • Rising Savior Cape - 45,000 gold, non-member
  • Mask of the Savior Helm - 75 ACs
  • Helm of the Savior - 15,000 gold, member
  • The Blade of the Savior - 200 ACs

In the AE Event Rares shop at Zorbak:

  • Color-custom Honor Battle Guard Armor - 400 ACs
  • Color-custom Long Honor Guard Helm - 5,000 gold, non-member
  • The Blade of Absolution - 200 ACs
  • Prismatic Pegalion Cape - 200 ACs (available in Birthday shop after EbilCorp's defeat)

Pet and Cape in 4th Birthday Shop, Armor and Helm in AE Event Rares:

  • Brilliant Derp Fish Pet - 101010 gold, member
  • Prismatic Pegalion Cape - 200 ACs
  • Golden Reconstructor 1337 Armor - 500 ACs
  • Golden Destructor Helm - 20,000 gold, member

Anniversary Gifts!

Defeat EbilCorp in each game to unlock that game's reward! Once each war meter reaches 100%, /join EbilPortal, then enter your game's door, click on the chest, and claim your prize! Each item in the Destiny set costs 0 gold and can be used by all players! (Even if you did not fight for a game, you can still get the reward. We are one team fighting to save ALL our games!)

  • AQW Destiny Armor
  • EpicDuel Destiny PvP Medal +1000
  • DragonFable Destiny Daggers
  • MechQuest Destiny Cape (not pictured)
  • AdventureQuest Golden Trobble Pet
  • HeroSmash Destiny Helm (available now!)

The DrAEgon of Artix cape will be available in the AQW 4th birthday event! Once we crush Chairman Platinum, enter the all-game portal in /ebilportal and make your way down the tunnel to the elevator. Once at the bottom, you'll enter the Secret Underground Lab for your 4th birthday Party!

AND once we defeat the Chairman, the AQWorlds level cap will raise to 50! Just one more way we want to thank you for battling so hard to save our game network!

Undercover Gear: Blend in with EbilCorp to Beat Them!

We know some of you ally with the darker side. That's why we urge those of you think you can pretend to be EbilCorp minions to go undercover! /Equip the rare gear Chairman Platinum has for you and then destroy EbilCorp from the inside!

EbilCorp gear available in the EbilCorp Event Rares shop:

  • EbilCorp Muscles - 500 ACs
  • Ebil Nano-Katana Cape - 17,500 gold, member
  • Ebil Battle Bot - 50,000, member
  • EbilCorp Katana - 200 ACs
  • EbilCorp Drone Helm - 95 ACs

  • EbilCorp Office Drone Armor - 25,000 gold, member
  • AdventureQuest Balloon Dragon Pet - 40,000, member
  • Axe of the EbilCorp Knight - 150 ACs

  • Ebil Symbiote Armor - 400 ACs
  • Custom Destructor Helm - 20,000 gold, member
  • Ebil Roosterbull Pet - 300 ACs

EbilCorp minions DO drop some of their gear, as well! If you fight them long and hard enough, you'll be able to loot the following rewards:

  • Ebil Nanotype Grid - member
  • Crimson Kama - member
  • Battle Ebil Minion Helm - non-member
  • Crimson Destructor Swords - non-member
  • EbilCorp Pistols - non-member
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