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May 23, 2014

Chaotic Lab Time

I Barely Know What's Going On!

Well, I know some stuff. I'm going to put an eye catching promo image about tonight's release here. 

Secret Lab Under New Mgt.

Seems like forever since I've gotten to write a Design Notes for you good folks. To clear up a little confusion, I'm still NOT working on AQW, not even filling in for Alina this week. All I've been asked to do is write the Design Notes om Monday and Friday this week, so that is what I'm doing. However, since I get the privilege of writing a Design Notes post then I want it to be useful and informative. With that in mind, here's a release status notification which I will update when the release is released. updated with the release went live. 


So, let's talk about the release. If you have been reading the DNs this week then you know that your fellow Player Runester333 was one of the winners of our Player Release Contest.


This hombre has concocted an adventure in a chaorrupted version of the AE Secret Underground Lab, where I currently sit. This release also features a rare shop, a merge shop and more than a few new items dropping off the monsters!

C'mon Cy, you can do better than that. These people want to know prices and tags! 

Chaos Lab Rares:

Chaos Portal Cape (Animated, 500 ACs)  
Chaorrupted Memet Pet (Legend only, 50000 gold)   
Chaos Chinchilla Hat (Everyone, 10000 gold)

Chaos Lab Merge Shop: (requires Crystallized Chaos which drop from the monsters in the area)

Chaotic Battle Hamster  (200 Crystallized Chaos + Hamster Pet)
Eye Am Chaos helm    (250 Crystallized Chaos)
Chaorrupted Blade of Awe    (500 Crystallized Chaos)   
Chaos Artix/Beleen    (750 Crystallized Chaos)   
Chaos Cysero/Alina    (750 Crystallized Chaos)

(I assume that the armor will make dudes look like chaos me and female characters get to look like Alina? Maybe?)

Chaos Lab Gear

Chaos Lab Drops:

Chaotic Server Hamster Pet (5% drop from Chaotic Server Hamster, 10% from Ultra version) - Legend only  
Purple Chinchilla Hat (2% drop from Chaorrupted Beleen)   
Chaorrupted Light of Destiny (2% drop from Chaorrupted Artix)   
Cysero's Chaos Hammer (2% drop from Chaorrupted Cysero)
Purple Potion Pack cape (2% drop from Chaorrupted Alina)

I do hope that you have seeing what we could do with the ideas from one of your fellow players. Enjoy it!

Or else. 


We're all big fan of kaiju around here so needless to say that we HAD to make this pet. He's ENORMOUS and he has personal boundary issues. 


Dude. Back up a little. Your breath smells like a sleeping bag filled with electrocuted dolphins.

Obviously, this little cutie pie is going rare but I can't get a date out of anyone yet so if you want it, I suggest buying it as soon as you're able. You will be able to buy him from a shop in the Game Menu.

OMGzilla prices:

OMGZilla Pet (Everyone, 2000 ACs)
OMGZilla Battle Pet  (Legend Only, 2000 ACs)

Oh but he's not done yet! Both versions of zardface come with SIX quests for his new owner. Each of the quests (which all look pretty tough. Not as tough as I'd make them but still...) give a nice chunk of gold and XP but you also have a chance of getting a SPECIAL QUEST ITEM!


OMGZilla Quest Drops:

Kaiju Slayer Sword   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)
Kaiju Slayer Staff   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)
Kaiju Slayer Polearm   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)   
Kaiju Slayer Daggers   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)   
OMGZilla Tail   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)  
OMGZilla Tail & Spikes   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance) 



That shop went live in the middle of the week but if you're one of those people who only check in on Friday for the release then you didn't know that. Like I always say, "If I ain't seen it then it's new to me!"



It's a three day weekend for many of here in the United States, so the AQW team has decided to give DOUBLE XP all three days! Have fun and be safe. 

On a personal note, Monday is Memorial Day. It's a day when we, as a nation, remember the brave men and women who have fallen in the line of duty. Everyone has their own opinion about how our nation uses its military might but one thing upon which we can all agree is that it takes undeniable courage to risk and lose your life doing what you see as your duty. I'd like to thank all of those who have answered the call to serve and offer my sincere sympathy to those who have lost friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or children in that noble pursuit. 


May 21, 2014

Congratulations Runester333!

The second ‘Design a Release Contest’ winner unleashes Chaos upon the AQWorld this Friday!

Last week, you and your fellow heroes dominated the first-ever player-created release, picked from hundreds of submissions in the Design a Release contest. Thousands of heroes banded together to take down the foulest fowl of all: the Cockatrice, designed by fellow player Alastair Q!

Cockatrice AQWorlds battle monster mmo

And come Friday, May 23, at sundown, it will be time for Runester333 to shine!

Spoiler Alert: Chaos Consumes the Secret Underground Lab…

AdventureQuest Worlds, a land full of arcane magics and tangible chaos, is the brainchild of the tireless mods and programmers who have poured their ideas into it. Unfortunately, they underestimated the true power of the chaos that they created, and the Chaorruption has leaked into the underground lab.

MMO Video game studio goes chaos

After infecting the programmers, it downloaded their deepest thoughts into the game, creating the Chaorrupted lab.

Chaos Artix Secret Underground Lab free mmo

When Beleen’s dream world became a reality during the Valentine’s Day event, no one thought much of it—it was just another update right? WRONG! Programmer after programmer, all of the AQW team have had their consciousness hacked by the game they created and watched as their own personalities formed new dreamworlds throughout the land of lore (at least it saved some time on programming!).

Chaos in video game studio free rpg game AQWorlds

As the team watched, more and more of their ideas poured into these new worlds, and then it happened. The chaos managed to pull the programmers themselves into the game and Chaorrupted them. With the chaos now more powerful than ever and no programmers to give the players a way to stop it time is running out to save the world of lore from complete chaos.

Who's that Chaos Monster?

Can the players band together to save their favorite mods and save the game they love before it is plunged into complete purple havoc?

Who is Runester333?

At the dawn of the plane of Lore, the great mods invited adventurers from other forms of the world, ever so similar but somehow so very different, to inhabit this new realm: AdventureQuest Worlds. The mods granted these heroes a taste of adventure that the adventurers couldn't resist.

Runester333 was one of them.

Runester333 player in free mmo game adventure quest worlds

Not long after, the mods formed the chaos to see what it would do. No one was prepared for what happened next, and since then, Runester333 has been travelling through Lore offering what help he can in subduing this ghastly incorporeal purple entity. 

Having no true form of its own, it has been Chaorrupting all of the mods’ original creations into new, abhorrent, yet somehow awesome, creations. Runester stands ever ready, waiting for Chaos’s next move, and his next chance to advance the fight against it. In this penultimate hour, Runester has allied himself with new adventurers throughout Lore, readying himself for Chaos’s final stand!

chaos final stand in free online rpg

How did Runester333 start playing AQWorlds?

Runester started his AE adventures after a recommendation from a school friend back in 2005. Per his request, Runester333 signed up and logged in… and he instantly fell in love with the game. It filled a niche in the gaming market that nothing at the time could quite replicate. As AE added game after game, Runester tried his hand at each of them, and is still active in most. 

However, AQW is by far his favorite (yay! We think so too!). He started playing back in the Beta phase after seeing the ad on the original AdventureQuest, and has been playing AQW ever since. Runester333 has done his best to collect every character page badge and rare that he could over the years, and has made oh-so-many tough choices on which rares to keep.

“That's the ingenuity in the game—all the chaos that it pumps out!” exclaims Runester333. “There's so many amazing people working to add more and more great ideas, great items, and overall great experiences, it just keeps you coming back every week!” 

What inspired Runester333 to enter this contest?

“Frappuccino, check. Cyberhunter shirt, check. AQW calendar posters, check. Writing space is ready—and the memories come flooding back! AdventureBucks Frappuchino coffee

“I had actually posted a longer, vaguer version of this release onto the AQW feature and functionality suggestion forum just a few weeks prior to the contest, thinking that it would never make it up the ranks and dreaming of an event-design contest. To my utter amazement… a few weeks later the announcement for the contest was posted.

“The stars has aligned and my goal was set, so I set to the work of filling in a more specific plot, designing items, quests, dialogue, everything that need to go into it, painstakingly ensuring that it complied with all the contest regulations. Several hours and one massive headache later (I finally really understand how important the coffee machine is to you guys!) I had my outline designed and I posted it.

“I had a very weird dream—one that I vaguely remember—which inspired the original concept on the idea, and from there I tried to model it a little after the first Lionfang event that was my all-time favorite event. And to this day, is the reason that Halloween is my favorite holiday. 

“After all these years you guys manage to consistently improve every game, but AQW has that community aspect to it along with the history, the legacy, and the memories… it's just an overall incredible game and the chance to have actually influenced the game like this is a dream come true. I can't wait to see servers full of players enjoying my ideas and knowing that I helped each of them make another memory and hopefully a few will have their "Lionfang event experience," that one release that they will always remember and will be the reason that they log on again every Friday for years to come.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Runester333! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing stories with us!  

And come Friday, May 23 at sundown, Runester’s latest story will come to fruition in “The Chaorrupted Lab: Out of the Purple” at !

Want more spoilers about Runester333’s upcoming release? Stay tuned to Memet’s Twitter here, or my Twitter huuuur, or Cysero’s Twitter thuuuurrrr.

Battle on!

xoxo Beleen! =D

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