Design Notes

June 14, 2012

CVS Gamecard Item

Write a Prescription for DESTRUCTION!

We've been getting a lot of questions about how to get your Prescription for Destruction after you purchase an Artix Entertainment CVS gamecard, so we'd like to clear up the confusion.

Once you've purchased the Artix Entertainment gamecard from CVS, follow these steps to receive your axe:

  • Redeem your card here: Get your Artix Points and CVS Axe
  • Check your Artix master account email for easy instructions on how to get your Rx for Destruction axe in any AE game.
  • You will need to use the code on the card to get your Artix Points before the end of June, then you'll need to use it AGAIN to get the axe in AQWorlds.

Not sure what we're talking about?

Head to your local CVS Pharmacy because Artix Entertainment Game Cards are now in-stock at CVS locations across the United States! Purchasing an AE-branded CVS game card unlocks the Prescription for Destruction axe AND gets you Artix Points that can be used for any of our games.

Ridin' the Waves Like a J6!

You saw the Nulgath surfboard on last night's Design Notes. Today we've got the art for J6, Dage, and Daimyo's surfboards! The last one we need is the Samba surfboard, and Diozz is hard at work on it now. ALL of the surfboards will release in the Summer Shop TOMORROW, and they all cost 350 ACs. Get ready to /hang ten!

Preparing for Planet Banzai!

The next installment of the J6 Saga releases tomorrow! You'll be heading to Planet Banzai to face the L.O.S.E.R.S: the League of Super Evil Rangers, and they are preparing for DESTRUCTION! (That seems to be a theme this week.)

Have a great day, and as you fall asleep tonight, dream a dream of thwarting DOOM!

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