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March 30, 2016

Friday: The EveryWhen Portal Opens

Journey through a NEW point in Spacetime! 

Cysero the Green Mage has been experimenting again!  He’s opened a portal to somewhere… or somewhen? He doesn’t know WHAT point in timespace he’s discovered, but he needs YOUR help to map it out… and make sure its creatures don't succeed in making OUR world theirs!

This weekend, you'll face creatures that seem familiar but are absolutely alien to our world. The only way to make sure we do not turn into them is with Cysero's help... and the power of mathemagic! O_O


November 07, 2011

11-11-11 is this FRIDAY!

100 years until the next one....

A giant portal appeared in the sky behind the town of Battleon. We have no idea what it is, where it came from or what is going to happen when it opens. At the top of the portal reads 11-11-11*.  We believe this is date. More specifically, we believe this is the date the portal will open**. It just so happens that 11-11-11 is THIS FRIDAY! Special events are happening in many of our games... read below and prepare yourself for WHATEVER happens friends!

* Fun computer-y fact: 111111 in Binary = 64
** Or it could be a complete coincidence and nothing happens. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME! O_O


Happening this week!


  • 2012 Calendar with Chronocorruptor class at HeroMart (Tuesday... tomorrow!)
  • HeroSmash PvP alpha test for Members (Thursday)
  • AdventureQuest - Void Moglin Memet (Thursday)
  • Epicduel (Friday)
    • 11-11-11 release
    • Nightwraith's birthday
    • Translated to Portuguese test!
  • MechQuest - Black & White Planet (Friday)
  • DragonFable - Special 11-11-11 parody of another game question (Friday)
  • AQWorlds - 11-11-11 Portal opens!? We have no idea what is going to happen.. but that portal is BIG!
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