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May 02, 2024

Vote for the Arcana Invoker Badge

Help choose the character page badge art

Check out the 3 options for the Arcana Invoker Class character page badge art below. Log in to AQWorlds and vote by Thursday, May 9th. The winning entry will be used on character pages starting Friday, May 10th.

How to Vote

  1. Log in to AQWorlds
  2. Click the Polls button on your Game Menu
  3. Choose your favorite option and hit submit
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April 26, 2015

AQW Release Feedback Poll

Give us your feedback on what's most important to you!

We want to make the games and releases that you want to play, and getting your thoughts, ideas, and opinions is how we do that! Click on the image below or follow this link to vote in our poll! Then share more feedback with me on Twitter, Faceebook, Reddit, or the forum!free rpg mmo release poll


April 03, 2014

Player Opinion Poll

Do you want to see the Limited Quantity Shops Return?

Back in 2012, when we were having some pretty bad server lag, we stopped doing the limited quantity shops because of how many issues there were. Now that the servers have improved, we are revisiting the idea, but we need to know what YOU think!

Do you want to see the Limited Quantity Shops return? Want to see them come back in a different form? If we DID bring them back, we might change how they work:

Possible changes to the LQS idea:
  • Make players complete a quest before the shop opens
  • Portion the gear out per timezone, so there would be set quantities of gear per timezone, and the shop would restock.
  • Add your idea to the poll!
Player poll: We haven't had a Limited Quantity Shop since 2012. Do you want to see them return now that the server lag has improved? Let us know!
Do not care. free polls 

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you all for the feedback on the idea about whether or not to return the Limited Quantity Shop. At this time, I don't have any set date for if or when it would return. The point of the poll was to begin a dialogue about whether/how many of you guys want to see the idea return. 

For those who DO like the idea, but are worried about problems, I posted some ideas on how we could fix the issues IF it did come back. I'm going to let the poll run for at least a couple weeks, as I'd like to gather as many opinions as possible. 

Another question for you: 

What is the difference to you between a limited quantity shop in-game and when Heromart has a limited quantity of print items with in-game rewards attached?
Do you prefer one over the other? Dislike both? Like both? 
Knowing that kind of information is also helpful!
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