Design Notes

November 22, 2010

The BattleOn Handbook

It is not just a job... it is an AdventureQuest!

There are only three days until our Harvest Festival begins. It starts at the same time as the Thanksgiving holiday starts. Knowing that everyone would be on super crunch schedules we did the usual... an unnessasrily long staff meeting to distribute and review our new official BattleOn Employee Handbook! Yes, it is official, forged by boodthirsty vampire lawyers and legally binding. Here are a few highlights for you.

Pg 54. Section 906. Nose Pointing "The Nose Goes"

Effective Date: 11/1/2010
In the event that a trivial action must be performed by one individual in a group of equally qualified personnel, the last person to touch their index finger to their nose shall be responsible for performing the task"

Pg 53. Table Gum

Effective Date: 11/1/2010
The person who takes the last piece of gum located in the center of the DragonFable table shall be responsible for replacing it. This can be done by purchasing a new container of gum and placing it at the center of the table during the next business day.

A.) Shaking the Table Gum container to determine the quantity of gum remaining is not permissible. Therefore, if you shake, you take.

B.) Tricking non-DragonFable team members to partake from the Table Gum container is allowed and strongly encouraged.

(Yes, those are really in the handbook)

Meanwhile... J6 has just arrived at the Secret Underground Lab!

AQworlds artist J6 has just arrived here. Literally. He is standing behind me watching me type this. He says, "I need to leave!" (No worries, we immediately chained him in front of a computer and drawing tablet.) He and Cinazul had a 3 day drive from Montreal, Canada. They said the trip was like going back in time. See, it is starting to snow up there but it is crazy hot down here. So all of the leaves were gone on the trees when they started but as they got closer to Florida the trees started having leaves on them. They said it was like going through the seasons in reverse! Hmmm, I wonder if they will end up staying in the DoomKnight room.

Forum Question: Oishii is cooking again for the Harvest Festival. RUN!!!!!! Are there any "Rare Dishes" you would like to see on the menu?

Forum Question 2: Would you be interested in a pet that allowed you to access your bank? What about a shop? (You know, so you can sell stuff without returning to town?)

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