Design Notes

January 21, 2011

Fixing a Hardware Issue!

AQworld's Load Balancer takes a nose dive

Currently, AdventureQuest Worlds and all 5 of our games are *Makes exagerated explody noise* until we fix a piece of hardware called a Load Balancer. We are on the job and will have the game back up ASAP! Ryansox on Twitter one player commented, "2 major crises in the same week?" To which we confidently respond, "Server hamsters are both cute and unpredictable." This is a great opportunity for us all to learn about Load Balancers! Our first was actually a Alteon Load Balancer. Yes, we named King Alteon, the Balanced... after our 1st load balancer.  It was an inside joke but now you can tell everyone you are in on it too! We use a Cisco now (I think) Anyway, a load balancer takes many servers and makes it look like just one. For example, when you play AQworlds, it looks like you are going to a single web page. But, in reality, you may be accessing as many as 15 different file servers... pulling files from whichever one is able to get you your next monster, item, or weapon the fastest. We got a super expensive powerful one which all of the games use. Needless to say, we would have preferred that something else would have broke instead... a single server... Cysero's yogurt spoon... even the secret underground labs already dangerously broken toilet plumbing. Now, we must wait like an expactant Father waiting for the doctor to tell him about his new born baby... or.. more specifically like a lab full of gamers waiting for the tech guy on site to let us know if it can be repaired, or if we need to replace it. Either way hurry up guys! WE WANT TO PLAY AQW! ... wait, this just in. Zhoom created a work around allowing players to get in while we wait for the data center to fix the hardware. Check back often... more updates coming shortly!


  • Become a Member!
    While you are waiting for the game to come back up, become a member of AQWorlds! Never wait for long file downloads again. Because our load balancer is broke. ... and the files will not load at all. (Acheivement unlocked: Worst sales pitch ever!)

  • One-Eyed Doll Fans... help make them #1 on the charts!
    It is time for the Austin Chronical to vote for the top band in Texas again. My vote goes to Chaos Lord Kimberly and One-Eyed Doll. If you want to vote... see how to vote at their official website (13+ only please)

  • Voltaire's Deady 2011 Calendar
    It has been appearing in Cafe Press ads all over the internet... Voltaire has release a Deady calendar featuring some AQWorlds Art (With our permission of course). It is available online for $19.95. You can get your Deady Calendar at CafePress . You can also get his last album "Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids" at CDBaby.

  • Coming soon at HeroMart
    The EpicDuel T-Shirt is coming soon.

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