Design Notes

April 01, 2016

AQWorlds... GOES 3D!

SURPRISE! Log in NOW to see the 3D version of AQWorlds!

Server rewrite surprise! Log in now to find an entirely NEW, additional dimension to AdventureQuest Worlds!* Talk to Cysero (one of the leads of the AdventureQuest 3D team) in Battleon, and he'll explain just how we pulled this surprise off! 

We DID say we we've been making progress on the server rewrite -- and that was 100% NOT a joke! Take on all-new monsters, find new event rare gear inside Cysero's 3D shop, and take ALL THE SCREENSHOTS! Then tweet them to me at @Alina_AE so I can share your 3D glory with the entire internet!

Event Rare Gear:

  • Selfie Stick
  • Big Ol' Mace
  • WickeDDD Joke Blade
  • Soulborne Axe
  • Blueberry Clawg Pet
  • And more!

* Thanks to the DragonFable team for lending us one of their dimensions! They won't be needing it, now that they've gone 1D!

Tags: Alina, AQW3D, No Joke,
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