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June 13, 2013

Grimskull Delayed!?

Terrible "Trap Construction Accident." Evil Unicorn reported on Lose. 

Grimskull's 1st dungeon, The Endless Pit of Doom, is being pushed back one week due to the unsightly massacre of the entire dungeon creation crew this morning. Eye witness reports confirm that traps were triggered in room #5, affectionately known as "The evilist room ever" resulting in the activation of the spiked ceiling, razor saws, lemon flavored acid juice and a giant pit trap. The worker minions who survived were hunted down by Binky the Magical Man Eating Unicorn who is now reported to be on the loose.


Coming THIS FRIDAY: Binky the Magical Man Eating Unicorn!

The full dungeon will be released NEXT Friday... so this week, a band of overly agressive heroes intend to battle one of the dungeon's escaped surprise monsters, Binky the Magical Man Eating Unicorn. He is a level 50 challenge fight requiring a skilled and coordinated group to defeat. Rumor has it Binky aborbs magic from the air allowing him to emulate the skill of ANY BOSS MONSTER in the world. Yes... you heard me right. Binky can potentially do the special moves of any boss monster (past or future) in the game. Original intended by Grimskull to be a surprise, Members will get first crack at this magical beast. The lucky few who can defeat him will obtain his Unihorn -- an indestructable object that possesses the power to break apart the worlds most powerful weapon.


Also... new Quests in town!

Loremaster Maya, who is located in the town of Battleon's library will have new quests for you.

Special AC Weapon: The GrimBlight of Destiny

Artix's battleaxe is known as the Blinding Light of Destiny. It is a powerful force of good, powered by millions of spirit orbs, it is the ultimate weapon against the undead. Not long ago, the Blinding Light of Destiny was shattered and destroyed in the epic battle against Vordred, the Paladinslayer. Thought to be lost forever, Artix and the heroes ventured to forge a new Battleaxe. However, what remained of the previous Battleaxe had been reconstructed by wicked hands. Those who have set eyes upon it call it the "Grimblight of Destiny". It is an evil weapon that does 5% BONUS DAMAGE against pretty much every type of creature EXCEPT undead, and grants the user a rep bonus. If you click on it, it unleashes an evil laugh... and may try to kill other AFK players in the room. Grimskull's assistant, Mort, is reported to be selling it in town this Friday for an unspeakably high number of ACs in order to raise funds to hire new (and less clumsy) dungeon workers.


June 11, 2013

This Friday - GRIMSKULL!

"A dungeon everyone is DYING to get to the end of..."

We thought the stories and legends about him were just campfire tales, made up to scare young Knights in training... how could GRIMSKULL be real!?  Grimskull is the master of the worlds most evil, death trap filled dungeons. If the stories are true... then anyone who enters his dungeon in ssearch of "HEROBLADE - The Worlds Most Powerful Weapon" will end up facing a horrifying and highly comical demise.


Development Secrets: Shhhhh....

Grimskull's 1st Dungeon "The Endless Pit of Doom" is unlike anything that has appeared in game thus far. It is full of traps and puzzles. The dungeon secretly has two parts. The first part is lower level (but just as deadly) designed to mercilessly kill players of all levels and skill. We hope you have a sense of humor.... in previous dungeons cutscenes are all about you doing heroic and awesome stuff. In Grimskull's dungeons, cutscenes are all about you going *SPLAT*. The second, hidden, part of the dungeon may never even be found by casual players (You would actually have to read to figure out how to access it... "OMG!") and contains high level monsters and excrutiatingly painful versions of the traps. The reward, will be well worth it. However, be warned-- part 2 will probably not be available this week... because the first half of the dungeon is 42 rooms long, each one requiring custom code by the programmers. The most complicated dungeon ever programmed in the history of the game. This is... a new "1st!"


Due to the connectivity issues that we have been having today, stopping a lot of people for playing for hours at a time, we decided to keep Dage's shop in for an additional day to make sure that everyone has a chance to pick up the items that will be going rare tomorrow. 

Aegis's shop will appear today on schedule and this will not impact his timer. We just took the timer off of Dage's shop. 


April 29, 2013

Grimskull is Coming...


Upon the winds you will find a whisper of doom, "Grimskull is coming." We thought he was just something the Paladins thought up to scare the young Knights in training. The slight possibility he could be real sends a shiver down my spine.

GrimSkull is coming

The rumors say Grimskull is coming... but if the stories are true, it will not be this week. It will not be when you expect it. It could happen at any time, any place... all that you know is it WILL HAPPEN. When it does, it will happen in AdventureQuest Worlds.

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