Design Notes

September 23, 2013

Artist Showcase Shop Returns!

Yippie! Tuesday is dedicated to Zoshi!

Happy Monday hero! Did ye enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day? AYE AYE!

Talk Like a Pirate Day in video game AdventureQuest Worlds

Now that ye pirate ship has set sail, ye wants to plunder new treasures, ye say? Well… OKAY!

Artist Showcase Shop fantasy game

The grand return of the Featured Artist Showcase Shop hits Battleon tomorrow! Come Tuesday afternoon in the Game Menu, you will receive a FULLY LOADED Artist Showcase Shop featuring exclusive Zoshi the Monster Hunter items.

Zoshi the Monster Hunter featured artist in online game

Give me Zoshi!

One of the most exciting things about the Artist Showcase Shop is getting to see the featured artist unleash their artistic expressions, leaving a lasting impression in our hearts and on the battlefield! Check out all of Zoshi’s items arriving tomorrow =DZoshi Monster Hunting Armors


Dragon Hunter  - Color Customizable!

Hydra Hunter

Ronin Hunter

Titan Hunter


Atlas Gatlings

Ronin Katanas


DragonFire Spear


Hydra Bow


Hydra Rapier


Hydra Battle Pet 


WOWZA! Now that’s a monstrous collection suited for any Monster Hunter! And come tomorrow afternoon, you too can become one of Zoshi’s fellow Monster Hunters and easily slay any foul beast that crosses your path.

Zoshi Monster Hunter Items

Even though Zoshi is up-to-his-neck in monster battles, the two of us have scheduled a date later this evening at the local AdventureBucks Coffee Café so I can interview him. I shall report back to the Design Notes with my findings!

Until then…

Battle on!

xoxo Beleen  

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