Design Notes

January 16, 2014

Coming Friday: New Loremaster Skill!

Loremaster You!

You've all been to the Librarium - that small room with all the bookshelves where Loremaster Maya hangs out. What you may not have known is that most of those big tomes are actually blank, just waiting for some brave Loremaster to go out and collect the information needed to fill them out. That's where you come in!

Grab yourself a whip and a gun!

As a Loremaster, our intrepid hero (that's you) will go out and conduct research on various creatures (in the form of beating them up until you have the info you need). What you'll be looking for are Unidentified Scrolls, written in a language that no one but the most experienced Loremasters can read. Take them back to Loremaster Maya, and she'll translate then and inscribe the information into the books in the Librarium. Afterwards, you'll be able to open those books and browse your critter collection at your leisure.


How this thing actually works:

You'll need to talk to Maya at the Librarium to unlock the Loremaster skill. Once it's been unlocked, you'll be able to open the book Creatures of Lore by clicking on a shelf in the Librarium. The Index will show you how many scrolls you've collected so far, as well as how many you still need, like so:

Looks like I have some work to do.

You can click on any entry to visit that scroll's page. If you click on an unidentified scroll, its page will give you clues about what creature you'll need to collect it from - the creature's silhouette, and its scientific name.

Gosh, I wonder what this could be?

Pretty simple, right? The catch, of course, is that not every specimen is going to give you a scroll, so you may have to farm for awhile before you get the one you want. So put together a group of friends and have fun!

Small steps now, bigger ones later.

Right now, there are only a few entries in the Creatures of Lore book. But we'll be adding a lot more in the future - as well as other books that will have you cataloguing different types of things.

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