Design Notes

March 22, 2013

The Chaos Manticore

Chaos Lord Lionfang's Chaos Beast

Lionfang has set up his new base of operations in the area of Thunderforge known as the Venom Vaults. This mountain keep was once home to a mad prince who kept manticores as pets which is suicidally dangerous. Now the Chaonslaught soldiers prowl the halls while in the locked courtyard, Chaos Lord Lionfang has been training (and empowering) his Chaos Beast to ravage the face of Thunderforge attacking Darkblood and Gravelyn's soldiers from the skies. 

The Darkblood weapon against chaos is now yours to use but will you use it against Lionfang or to save king Alteon? Either way you will find yourself at the gates of the Venom Vaults with Sir Valence of Swordhaven's Pactogonal Knights who has been charged with keeping tabs in Lionfang in his new base. 

The Chaos Beast has a number of Member Only drops and Sir Valence has a shop with Dage's Manticore Assassin set inside...

But in a unique challenge, you will be given the opportunity to storm Lionfang's treasure vault where you will find chest after chest filled with NON-MEMBER armors, weapons, helms, cloaks and wings, all of which can be stored for free (they are all 0 ACs). The only catch is that you need the Treasure Vault KEY which Lionfang has placed on his pet... the Chaos manticore. Check the pictures below for some examples of what you'll find inside. 

Game Menu Button

To help keep up to date with the latest releases we have added the ability to open the game menu (normally in Battneon only) from anywhere in the game. All you need to do is press the small treasure chest button now found next to your backpack button on the game's interface frame. 

What Else Is Going On?

We have a lot more going on in-game tonight. For details check out Alina's DNs Post from earlier today

  • The new Royal Commander set comes with a 1 Month AQW Membersip Upgrade!

  • The Treasure Map has been updates with a new clue which will unlock the Dragon Priest, Shadow Commander and Anonymous Drone gear!

  • Galanoth's Birthday Challenge continues with access to the new Prismatic Dragonslayer and Evolved Dragonslayer sets! Head to /lair and wish the big guy a Happy Birthday!


Next week: Chaos Lord Lionfang!

Have a great weekend!


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