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March 22, 2012

Magic Lesson #4

Focus on the Locus Magicalicus

Power. Magic. LIFE. Coursing through your mind, heart, and soul. Mages might wield mighty power, but that comes at a price, and it is not always easy. It takes great control, both of the mind and the will. In our world and the universe of Sarah Prineas' The Magic Thief, mages use aids to focus their concentration and power. That was one of the reasons our universes blended so well.

With that as an introduction, let's move on to magic lesson #4:

Focus stones, a primer:

Each mage in AQWorlds has a focus, usually made of stone*.  These stones allow the mage to hook into the ley lines and nexuses of magic which transverse the planet, and can guide them to the lines and reservoirs of magic across the world.

One of 6 member-only Focus Stone Clusters

With practice and a stone for which they feel an affinity, a mage may also use the focus stone to enhance, to boost, their power. The crystalline structure of many stones allows it to hold the focused power mages channel through them.

As an example, think of a small tendril of a mage's power being funneled into a gemstone. That small jot of power bounces off the facets inside of the stone, gaining energy as it rebounds off the planes. That extra energy boosts power, increasing the strength of the magical working.

One of 5 AC Mana Surge Stones

With the proper focus and will, a mage may find their strength greatly enhanced, the power of their spells increased manyfold. Of course, that is for normal mages. With the... unique... magic found in Cysero and Warlic, who knows? These two rare mages have not allowed a proper study of themselves to be made.

The Emerald Mana Surge

* For example: Cysero with his stone hammer, Warlic with his gemmed staff, Alina with the stones she uses in her potions.

Magical Event Rare Rewards!

This Friday set your sites on a store full of mystical, magical, awesome armors, accessories, and weapons! From the enticing member-only Embero Spell armors as quest rewards to the powerful Aether Blade in the AC Rares shop, all the way to the Obsidian Athame free players will find dropping from Deorysa, there are rewards for everyone to collect and covet!

Mystical Blades in the AC Rares shop!

Member-only gilded athames

Mystic NightStalker, AC Rares shop

Dage the Evil's Death-day Shop Leaves Friday!

Dage returns to the Underworld tomorrow, taking his shop of rare birthday (birthweeks?) items with him! They will NEVER be available again, and that's one of the reasons the shop stayed so long. If you haven't battled your blade-edge off farming for the Paragon pet, get your armor in gear and get moving!

The Magic Thief event will be available for the foreseeable future, but the event rares will leave after a week, so get this massively-magical gear while the shop's still in-game! And be sure to check out The Magic Thief event page here!


August 19, 2010

The Mages of Arcangrove

Journey to the tower of magic this Friday 

The magical forest of Arcangrove is home to time-travel faeries, mystic creatures, and most notably... the legendary Tower of Magic. You would be challenged to find a famous mage who has not spent time researching their art in the Magic Tower's Library -- Warlic, Cysero, Xarymandias, Mercuria and even Xan to name a few. Now it is your turn to walk through the stone, bark and star halls of the tower towards your destiny. Do not miss an opportunity to read the many books and visit the many trainers and shops there. If you are a magic user, this will become a place to frequent often our world expands. A place where magic users shall learn, evolve and be tested. It has been a long time since Drakath and his Chaos Lords last threatened the world... the sages shudder to dream what wicked plot now unfolds. Join us in Friday's release as the pathway to Arcanegrove opens at long last!

Players of DragonFable and the original AdventureQuest will be surprised to discover many famliar sights including Reen's Potion shop and a recreation of the original AdventureQuest's Mana Scepter! Also for DragonFable fans... here is one of the secret projects that has been taking shape in my workshop --  Necronic Blade of Doom

Auto Account Bans for Hackers/Cheaters

This is an important notice. To create a fair and safe environment for all players, the game has started automatically perma-banning accounts of players who hack or cheat. Over 100 accounts have been banned in the last hour. Once an account is banned for cheating it will not be recoverable and all items will be lost. To all players who this is relavent to -- I beg you not to use any hacks or cheats... even ones that promise that your account will not be banned. The system will be continually adapting, unexpectantly banning accounts using new hacks as they are attempted. Also, as you may already know our lawyers have begun taking legal action against several hacking sites, their respective owners and the authors of hacks found there. My sincere plea to these individuals in the past has been either ignored or their promises to us had been broken. After the creation of several malicious tools to use against our game we were forced into taking this very serious course of action. Dispite being in foriegn countries, they were easily located and we are working with their local authorities. This story is still very much in progress -- but please know it is one that weighs very heavily on my heart. I love all of the players of our games and will continue to protect their accounts at any cost. With this post, and another extra backup of all accounts, I wish you fun and happiness in your in-game adventures... and a great time during the start of the Arcangrove Saga tomorrow. Battle on!

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