Design Notes

July 28, 2011

I guess our games run on Macs!

True story

I went to the Apple store* at the mall not too long ago. As usual, the store was jam packed with people playing with the iphones, ipads and Apple computers. What caught me completely off guard was a table full of boys using the computers to play DragonFable! There are no words to properly explain the feeling that lifted my heart. As an indie game maker... there is no greater happiness achievable. Overcome with excitement, I said, "DRAGONFABLE!? AWESOME!" The boys were so engrossed in their battles that they did not even turn around. Their characters were pretty far along in the storyline. I watched them play for a few moments and as I was leaving the store, I used my phone to tweet what just happened on Twitter. You guys had a lot of awesome ideas of what I should have done** instead of just leaving with a smile from ear to ear... but, by the time I got your messages... I was already long gone. To whomever those boys were, thank you for one of the best memories ever!

* If the DoomWood Mall had one of these... it would be the Rotten Apple Store. "Half a worm in every mega-bite!"
** Favorite was "Get on the computer next to them and just log in and play. See if they looked at my character."

Forum/Twitter Question: Have you ever played one of our games somewhere interesting? If so... where? (Oh, remember NOT to check save user/pass when using a public machine. I was at a hotel in Canada once and saw someone had entered their AQ user/pass and saved it O_O!)

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